Loveseat or Sofa for Valentine’s Day?

Today's homes are small as a rule. Sofas are increasingly integrated into our living rooms in tiny variations. Furniture is adapting to our demands. As Valentine's Day approaches, why not change the sofa? You can choose a more romantic piece of furniture. Your choice is between a loveseat or a sofa.

But which to choose?

In both cases, your choice will be turned towards romance on the occasion of the lovers' day. Discover the advantages of these compact dimensions. Discover also our range of small elegant sofas at Casavogue. Your furniture store in Montreal.

What is a loveseat?

Grant loveseat by Max Divani

The loveseat is sometimes called "loveseat". It was originally designed for 17th century ladies and their huge bulky dresses. In the 1800s, couples used it to "talk". They also used it to court at a respectable distance. This small sofa or this very large armchair is now reappearing in our homes. Its rounded contours and nostalgic style are integrated into the decoration.

Perfect in a Scandinavian decor or contemporary vintage chic. Here we find the design and tapered feet that were popular in the 1950s. They are designed to be "high on legs", with light wooden or metal feet. They are more airy than a large sofa and give an impression of space and lightness.

What is a sofa?

Flamingo from the Decor Rest brand

The origins of the word "sofa" go back to the beginning of the 17th century in France. The Arabic word "uffa" was then used. It is a long wooden or stone seat on which are placed cushions. Nowadays, many people think that sofas are different from sofas. They think that their primary function is style and fashion. This is not just a casual piece of furniture.

This does not mean that sofas cannot be comfortable and functional furniture. It is only that they can be used as decoration. In addition, there are several types of sofas in reality.

What is the difference between the loveseat and the sofa?Sofa et causeuse Grotta de charles David

The main distinction between the two is size. Specifically, the space between the arms. Sofas can often accommodate three or four people. Loveseats can usually accommodate one or two people. Sofas are the preferred type for stretching, napping or entertaining a large group of friends.

Loveseats or loveseats are ideal for small places. To read a book and to create comfortable discussion spaces. It is often best to measure beforehand. The goal is to ensure that the seat model you prefer will fit your interior space.

A loveseat in your image

Everyone’s tastes vary. Casavogue offers loveseats in a variety of shapes, coatings and colors. For example, an elegant industrial-looking loveseat. Another is designed in a contemporary style. Fabric and leather loveseats are also available. Fabric and leather covers in different colours are available.

You can customize your loveseat by changing the coating and color. In other words, Casavogue has the perfect 1.5 seat sofa for everyone. We often offer a ottoman to complete virtually every loveseat. You can use it as a side table by placing a tray.

A loveseat for lovers

Loveseat BOE Franco Ferri brand

Loveseats are ideal for small rooms. Two places are possible with such a small cozy nest. This piece of furniture takes less space than a two-seater chair. A one and a half square loveseat can also be ideal in large living spaces. Many of our sofas come with matching loveseats. This allows you to create a comfortable sitting area in one style.

The loveseats are also beautiful in the bedrooms. They can either give the space a trendy style or create a comfortable corner. Of course, loveseats are not reserved for couples or lovers. You can also use them for yourself. They offer plenty of space to read a good book in peace for example.

Showcase your Valentine’s Day living room

If you have decided to stay home for Valentine’s Day, no problem. You can decorate your living room for this occasion. And highlight your sofa or loveseat. You can place pretty cushions with the effigy of this party. A focus on small details.

Opt for a pretty heart-shaped rug, for example. Made of faux fur, you can place it at the foot of your sofa or loveseat. Sure you will be able to meet a great success. Don’t forget also to plan the Valentine’s Day meal.

Preparing the Valentine’s Day meal at home

No romantic dinner is complete without carefully considered lighting. It helps create an intimate atmosphere for quiet conversation. Casavogue also offers a range of lighting in its Montreal boutique. Place candles, candlesticks and other candle holders in strategic locations. The goal is to erase the contours of the apartment to leave room for mystery and reverie. It's time to burn the wood in your fireplace, if you have one.

Why not have a picnic at the foot of your loveseat or sofa? Spread a tablecloth on the floor. Place some pretty plants and flower petals. A good bottle of wine and some bread in a wicker basket. Don't forget a quiet and romantic background music. For the meal, a good original and homemade salad. For dessert, why not opt for a passion fruit base? You will be able to show her the love and passion that ignites you.

Casavogue offers you to discover its wide range of loveseats and sofas. All available online, there is something for everyone on Valentine’s Day.




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