Moro - Charles David - Ensemble Divan et Causeuse


Sofa and loveseat set

$2,380.00 $3,400.00
LORENZO - Decor-Rest - Ensemble Sofa et Causeuse


Sofa and loveseat set

$4,410.00 $6,300.00
Eolo - Charles David - Ensemble Divan et CauseuseEolo - Charles David - Ensemble Divan et Causeuse


Sofa and loveseat set

$4,600.00 $9,200.00
FLAME - Charles David - Ensemble Sofa et Causeuse


Sofa and loveseat set

$5,740.00 $8,200.00
BOLLA - Max Divani - Ensemble Divan et CauseuseBola


Sofa and loveseat set

$7,070.00 $10,100.00
EDWARD - Casavogue - Charles David - Ensemble Sofa et Causeuse


Sofa and loveseat set

$8,540.00 $12,200.00

Comfort and warmth

Here we present our exclusive collection of sofa and loveseat sets. Our leather or fabric sofas offer timeless elegance, while our 2-seater or reclining loveseats add a touch of conviviality to your living room. Designed with superior materials and meticulous attention to detail, our sets are guaranteed to satisfy.



When you choose Casavogue, you choose a Montreal furniture store that offers uncompromising excellence. Our carefully selected high-end furniture embodies the perfect fusion of quality and style. With prestigious brands such as Max Divani, Michael Amini, Jaymar, and Calligaris, we offer an unparalleled range of choices. Our dedicated advisors will guide you in creating a refined interior that reflects your personal tastes. Since 1972, our commitment to exemplary service has set us apart, because every customer deserves an exceptional shopping experience. Come discover the quintessence of high-end furniture at affordable prices and transform your home!