Moro - Charles David - Divan


Fabric sofa

$1,330.00 $1,900.00
Terra - Decor-Rest - Divan en tissu


Fabric sofa

$1,680.00 $2,400.00
Erma - Charles David - Divan en tissu


Fabric sofa

$1,680.00 $2,400.00
VIVALDI - Decor-Rest - Divan en tissu


Fabric sofa

$2,310.00 $3,300.00
Franco - Franco Ferri - Sofa


Leather sofa

$2,310.00 $3,300.00


Leather sofa

$2,590.00 $3,700.00
Antares - Charles David - Divan en cuirAntares - Charles David - Divan en cuir


Leather sofa

$2,730.00 $3,900.00
Ocean - Charles David - Divan en cuir


Leather sofa

$2,730.00 $3,900.00
Hudson - Charles David - Divan en tissuHudson - Charles David - Divan en tissu


Fabric sofa

$2,860.00 $4,400.00
GRANT - Max Divani - Sofa


Fabric sofa

$2,940.00 $4,200.00
Sofa Lagos de Charles David


Leather sofa

$3,010.00 $4,300.00
El Dorado - Charles David - Divan en cuir

El Dorado

Leather sofa

$3,080.00 $4,400.00

Choose the perfect sectional for your relaxing moments with family or friends. Tiltable, electric, functional, each model has its advantages. Find yours!


Sectional sofas and sofas: what is the difference between the two?

The sofa, also known as the sofa, is a upholstered piece of furniture that can accommodate two or more people, usually three people. A sectional, which is in fact the abbreviation for a «sectional sofa» with a different and modular design, often with two or more rooms generally meeting at an angle of 90 degrees to create an enveloping L or U shape.

L-sectional sofa bed: Depending on the size, the L-sectional sofa bed looks like two sofas or a sofa and a loveseat or two loveseats pushed together. The sectional L-shaped sofa bed has a chair at one end that forms the shape of an “L”.

U sectional sofa bed; the U sectional sofa bed looks like three sofas pushed together to form a 90° angle. You can also have a U-shaped sofa bed consisting of two chairs at the end of each side that form a U.The U sectional sofa bed is ideal for large gatherings where everyone wants to meet nearby.  Most U-sofas have one side that serves as a sofa and the other side is available as a chaise longue.

With chaise longue

A chaise longue is a sofa with a backrest at the end. Sectional sofa beds have a different orientation from the chair such as:

Sectional sofa bed with left arm facing the chair;

Sectional sofa bed with chair facing the right armrest;

Sectional sofa bed with armless chair facing left armrest;

Sectional sofa bed with storage chair facing left armrest;

Sectional sofa bed with reversible chair;

2 or 3 pieces.

A sectional sofa bed consists of either 2 or 3 pieces. In most cases, the L-shaped sofa bed is a two-piece piece piece of furniture, while the U-shaped sofa bed is a three-piece piece piece of furniture. In this case, the term “2” or “3” refers to independent parts of the furniture that can be moved or placed in a different direction to change the orientation of the sofa bed, and to arrange your room differently.

This is THE great advantage of the sectional: changing your salon to suit your desires and moods, and giving it a touch of freshness from time to time, to have the impression of having a new home!

Use of sectional sofa

How will you use your new purchase? Will it be in the living room, in the family room or home theater? Will your pet have permission to nap on the sofa? All of these practical questions will help you refine your selection.

We advise you to come into the store to first test and see the sofas you’ve spotted online. Second, because store advisors will be able to guide you in your choice according to your lifestyle and the layout of your interior. Although the aesthetics of a sofa represent a purchasing criterion, try to think long term also so that it lasts in time with you.

If your children are young, avoid light colours. Leather and vinyl sofas, known for their robustness and ease of maintenance, are smart choices. If your animals have permission to climb on it, choose a material that is easy to maintain. All these small details will allow you to make a more pragmatic choice.

Styles and colors for everyone!

“Classic” colors are always sought after so they can stay on neutral tones and bring colour to other furniture in the room. Beige, black, taupe or white for the boldest!

For materials, leather remains a must for several reasons: its robustness, its solidity, easy maintenance of the material and especially its longevity. You who read this article and may have already adopted a leather sofa or sectional, you will not say the contrary! Leather has the advantage of adapting to the use you have of your sofa. And the more you use it, the better it will get; like wine eventually.

Another ideal and trendy material for this important piece of furniture is velvet that hasn’t said its last word.In 2022, it continues its momentum and confirms its success in the world of sofas. In smooth or ribbed velvet, the possibilities and inspirations are numerous. With a luminous character, velvet is also suitable for daring warm and bold colours.

In a palette of whites and peach colors, the sofa displays a certain delicacy without overdoing it. Details are a sign of neat finishes and aesthetic research. Topstitching or feet with a touch of brass, the refined is discreet.

For a few years, curves have been on a roll. The backrests but also the seat itself or the armrests are worked with softness. These round and enveloping lines create a chic and cozy sofa. Some models are inspired by organic shapes for a return to basics. Both cosy and cocoon, this trend focuses on a delicate palette of nude colours.


With our wide range of living room furniture, you can find sofas, coffee tables, armchairs or modular sofas that meet your needs. Our Italian design furniture
or from Quebec and Canadian manufacturers combines style and comfort.
You won’t find better value in Montreal. To choose a sectional sofa, it is important to ask yourself several questions.
First, what style of decoration would you like to adopt?

We offer sectional sofas of all styles, with a wide selection of designs from classic to modern, to make your living room the best place to rest. For example, if you like sober colors, clean lines and the materials
worked, contemporary furniture is the best choice for you.
Feel free to browse our website to find the style that best suits your decorating needs. Next, think about the functionality of your sectional sofa. Choose it based on
the number of people it will need to accommodate and its place in your room. To
finish, remember that your sectional sofa is a decorative element in itself. You can combine and arrange your living room furniture around this furniture, while playing with different styles.


Furnish your sofa at home

The classic sectional sofa

In a small living room where choices and space are limited, the classic sectional, usually a loveseat combined with a chaise longue or ottoman, can be very convenient. It can save space and you can add either a plant for more Nature or a floor lamp for more light. The Nardi model is one of those sectionals whose straight silhouette allows to optimize the layout of the space without compromising comfort and traffic.

Like most models, the upholstered chaise longue is interchangeable (left or right). When you come to the store, you can then choose which side you want to install it on. In an atypical living room, the sectional also works miracles! In addition to style, this type of sectional organizes space without weighing the room down.

The modular sectional sofa

Another type of sectional is the modular sofa. This consists of a variety of separate chairs , sold separately, for assembly according to the size of the living room. Armchairs with or without armrests, in L or U, offer great layout possibilities. In its oversized format, the modular sofa maximizes space.

Better, the uses are also diverse. With a large, modular sofa, you can sit there in different ways, lie down comfortably, lay down a tray to turn a piece of sofa into a coffee table, and even separate the sofa elements to vary the style and make the living room more spacious. In short, personalization becomes fun!

In a large-scale, contemporary salon, Opt for the modular sofa with a U or L configuration to give it some privacy. As this type of sofa brings a warm and friendly appearance to the room, it will be very useful for family moments. It is now up to you to dispose of it at your convenience. The Riley model offers generously padded seating, perfect for home movie nights, while the Nardi series is a wise choice for loft-style interiors.

With additional options such as electric reclining or heated seats, your living room will be more operational than ever!

In short, the sectional sofa is the focal point of the living room, in addition to being one of the biggest home design purchases. It’s also the place where you snuggle up to watch a movie or read a book. Choosing the sofa is therefore important for a variety of reasons. And the main one remains its layout with multiple choices depending on your use, your daily life and your living room.

Compare different models, test them, ask yourself the relevant questions mentioned above: Who will use it? Pets allowed on or off? Colours and materials that are easy to maintain? Prefer style? With these lockdowns, we are spending more and more time at home, which is why today design your interior so that you feel good all year long is now one of the “wellness” priorities for many of us.

Your sofa will be punctuated by your daily life for the next 15 years, so you might as well take the time to reflect so you don’t have any regrets. Ready to buy your dream sectional?