How to maintain your wooden buffet?

The wooden buffet is both a useful and beautiful piece of furniture. It is an essential part of any living room or dining room. But it needs regular care. Find out how to keep it beautiful with our help. Casavogue, furniture store in Montreal, allows you to discover many wooden buffets. There is something for everyone. Make your choice among a wide range of products.

Removing dust from your wooden buffet

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Most wooden buffets are large and have many doors and drawers. The first thing to do to take care of this furniture and the high quality wood it is made of is to remove the dust. It doesn't matter if the wood is raw or varnished, white, colored or even very old. The buffet should be cleaned regularly with a soft wool or microfiber cloth. This cloth should also be clean and slightly damp. Wipe the front and sides of the cabinet. Don't forget the top of the buffet too with the cloth. buffets can collect dust inside the storage areas. Especially if they have doors and storage. So don't forget to clean them. Wood is a fragile material. Don't scrub hard, but clean in the direction of the grain.

Maintaining a raw, colored or natural wood buffet

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Not all buffets in a dining room are made of the same type of wood. It is important to care for your furniture in a way that matches the type of wood it is made of. It is not easy to take care of white, raw or natural wood buffets. The surfaces are fragile because they have not been treated with paint. Nor have they been treated with oil or wax. Use a soft bristle brush to avoid scratching your furniture. Soak the brush in a mixture of equal parts of warm water and liquid black soap. Then use it to clean all surfaces of the furniture. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe it down. If your wooden buffet is stained. You need to run a sheet of sandpaper along the grain of the wood to remove the stain. Use a fine steel wool pad to remove a scratch on rough bark. Use light pressure and small circles to rub. Be careful if you have a valuable or antique wooden buffet. You will have to be careful with the products used in this case. Indeed, old wood is fragile. Do not use chemical products. You can ask a professional for advice. In most cases, a simple dusting is sufficient.

Maintaining a painted, varnished or waxed wooden buffets

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When your wooden furniture is painted, varnished or waxed, it is already largely protected against scratches and dirt. But over time, your wooden buffets can get dirty. The varnish can eventually break. In this case, water and a few drops of white vinegar are mixed to make a solution. Use a soft cloth, dip it lightly in the mixture. Gently wipe it over the entire surface. When finished, wipe with another clean cloth to remove any acidic residue. This prevents the wood from changing color or the varnish from being damaged. Mix a little warm water and soda crystals to clean a heavily soiled painted model. Scrub the surface with a sponge and finish the cleaning with a soft, dry cloth. If you want your waxed wood buffet to shine. Choose a cleaning product that you should use only once a year.

Maintaining a lacquered wood buffets

Lacquered wood looks better and is more beautiful. And you can only clean this quality wood with quality tools. A chamois or a silk cloth. But what a shine afterwards! You can also add a little white vinegar and wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth. Lacquered wood is more expensive, but it is easy to clean. Most stains come out quickly.

Cork: Why use it?

Do you have dry water stains on your waxed wood buffets that make them look bad? With a simple cork stopper, you can get rid of them. Take a cork stopper. Use a kitchen knife to cut the end off. Use the cork to rub the stains in a circle. Do this in the direction of the wood grain to remove them. Next, use a microfiber cloth or an old wool sweater to polish your furniture. You can restore their shine.

Coffee grounds

You can also use coffee grounds. This will help you remove stains from dark wood furniture. By rubbing the stained area with the coffee grounds, the color of the wood will return. The stains will disappear. If your furniture has small scratches on its surface. Coffee grounds can also be used as a "soft scrubber". You will be able to remove these marks quickly and easily.

Marseille soap or black soap

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Use Marseille soap or black soap to clean your raw wood buffet. You can use it on painted or varnished wood too. No chemicals, only natural products. Grate some Marseille soap. You can also pour liquid black soap in a bucket of hot water. You will then obtain a soapy water. Then use this water to clean your furniture. To do this, use a microfiber cloth or a soft bristle brush. Move it along the grain of the wood. At the end of the cleaning process, use a damp cloth to wipe all surfaces.

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