Criteria for choosing your coffee table

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The coffee table is a piece of furniture that is now in every living room. It is both useful and aesthetic. With storage or not, it allows you to easily share with family or friends. They are available for all tastes, in wood, glass or melamine.

As a furniture store in Montreal, we are able to help you choose your coffee table. In this article, find out what criteria to consider when choosing your coffee table.

Which style of coffee table to choose?

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You can choose your Coffee Table based on your living room style. If you like Scandinavian style, opt for wood and neutral colours. For fans of industrial design, a coffee table made of raw materials is the best choice. It means made with raw wood, metal and steel.

Choose a glass coffee table if you want your room to look simple and clean. This is suitable for a classic or modern style. No matter the size of your living room, the coffee table can be simple or have drawers. It can also have compartments. It can also have extra trays to make it more useful.

The coffee table can be a simple side table for newspapers, books and magazines. It can be part of a lounge designed for relaxation. The coffee table can also serve as a dining table, a place where guests can have tea or an aperitif.

What material for its coffee table?

Status brand Mara coffee table

Room style goes hand in hand with coffee table style. It is therefore preferable to choose the material according to the style of your home and your lifestyle. Keep in mind the use and maintenance of the coffee table. Here are the materials you can choose for a coffee table.

The wood is warm and classic. It has a natural style, simple and elegant. It works well in a Nordic or minimalist design universe. If you want a wooden coffee table, look around the living room to see if you already have wooden furniture. This can be a sofa with a wooden base or wooden decorative objects. If this is the case, make sure you don’t use too many different types of wood in the living room. The goal being that it remains pleasant to look at.

A Mara coffee table is very sturdy and can support a lot of weight. Plastic or metal coffee tables are fashionable and not very fragile. They are also available in a wide range of colours. They can be adapted to any room. The plastic also allows the table to take unique shapes to give another style to the living room. The plastic coffee table is different, and it is also light, so easy to move. It is perfect for small rooms, studios and homes with young children. This prevents children from getting hurt with sharp edges.

The glass coffee table gives the living room an impression of grandeur and lightness. It is very fragile, but as it is transparent, it is easy to match it to any decor. This model can be the main element of the living room. It can be integrated into a modern and classic decor. But you shouldn’t if you have young children.

The glass coffee table works well in small living rooms as it doesn’t take up too much space and adds style. When it comes to maintenance, the glass coffee table is more delicate than the wooden one. It can be cleaned with a cloth and window cleaner.

Choose the shape of your coffee table

Charles David brand Regina coffee table

The shape of the coffee table depends on the rest of your decor, especially the other furniture in the room. When the round or oval coffee table rests on a thin base, it can be very light. When the base wraps around the rounded shape of the tray, it can be very heavy and strong.

The round coffee table is always ideal for bringing people together. It is ideal in large salons. It can be placed in the centre and surrounded by several pieces of furniture, such as a sofa and armchairs. Some roundtables have built-in storage on their base. Others add compartments and drawers to their tray, which is a fun way to decorate them.

If you have a small living room and you really want a round coffee table, that’s possible. You can think of round coffee tables. They save space. The square coffee table is ideal if you also use it for eating or working. It can fit in many different places. Just adjust its size to the surface.

The square table is considered strong and gives personality to a living room. It should not be used in small rooms. It could weigh down the decor and make travel difficult. The square coffee table is convenient. It usually has a second shelf at the bottom where you can put books and newspapers.

The most common shape for a coffee table is a rectangular table. It is suitable for living rooms that have a large corner sofa or two sofas facing each other. The rectangular coffee table is the best choice for rooms that are narrow and long. This is the model that works best on all surfaces and in all ways.

If you want to move around the room easily, opt for a narrow and long coffee table. This way, it will still be useful and usable. If your living room is very small, choose a thin foot and not too conspicuous. Avoid protruding feet, so as not to trip. The rectangular coffee table can be a decorative piece of your living room. It can also become the central element of your living room.


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