Pomme de pain de décoration

Pomme de pain
$15.00 CAD

Papillons en métal pour la décoration

$30.00 CAD

Toile Art de Basquiat

Art de basquiat
$240.00 CAD $400.00 CAD

SALVORA - CasavogueSALVORA - Casavogue

$289.00 CAD $400.00 CAD

lampe de table wattson

$295.00 CAD $400.00 CAD

lampe de table kanata

$295.00 CAD $400.00 CAD

CIMERIA - CasavogueCIMERIA - Casavogue

$309.00 CAD $400.00 CAD

NAOMI - CasavogueNAOMI - Casavogue

$309.00 CAD $400.00 CAD

VENEZIA - Casavogue

$319.00 CAD $400.00 CAD

BADALONA - CasavogueBADALONA - Casavogue

$329.00 CAD $450.00 CAD

MAYBURY - Casavogue

$329.00 CAD $450.00 CAD

MONTY - CasavogueMONTY - Casavogue

$329.00 CAD $450.00 CAD

lampe de table dia

$329.00 CAD $400.00 CAD

Lampe Heme dans un décorsLampe Heme de Charles David

$329.00 CAD $400.00 CAD

Lampe Renwil avec décorationLampe blanche et base beige en fond gris

New traditional Raw
$339.00 CAD $425.00 CAD

Arlalampe arla blanche avec base en couleur marbre sur fond gris

$349.00 CAD $400.00 CAD

Lampe sur pied de la marque Charles David

Lampe sur pied
$375.00 CAD $750.00 CAD

MARCHAND - CasavogueMARCHAND - Casavogue

$395.00 CAD $500.00 CAD

JOVI - CasavogueJOVI - Casavogue

$395.00 CAD $500.00 CAD

SKYWORM - CasavogueSKYWORM - Casavogue

$439.00 CAD $550.00 CAD

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Our home decor collection has been carefully crafted to bring you the best in design and quality. Each piece helps create a unique ambiance in your living room, dining room or bedroom. From artistic table lamps to bold wall art, we have everything you need to personalize your space and make it truly yours. Make your home a reflection of your refined taste with our home decor collections.

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If you want to complete the decoration of your living room, your dining room or your bedroom, you are at the right place. We invite you to discover our selection of quality and high-end accessories. Want to buy a nice painting? Why not add a table lamp to create a new atmosphere? All the accessories offered by Casavogue allow you to enjoy a high quality and elegant decoration. Do not hesitate any longer and validate your basket!

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If you are looking for a unique sectional sofa in Montreal, Casavogue is the furniture store for you. Casavogue offers a wide variety of high-end living room furniture at reasonable prices. Our store specializes in selling designer furniture brands. You will find a wide selection of furniture from Italian, Quebec and Canadian manufacturers. There is no better place to find a unique piece of furniture to replace your sectional sofa! Browse our selection of sectional sofas to find the perfect piece for your living room. If you need help, our consultants are available at all times during our business hours.

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Casavogue offers superior quality furniture for the living room, dining room and bedroom. Our mission is to help you furnish your dream home at a price that fits your decorating budget. Our designer furniture is also built to last to promote more responsible consumption. If you are looking to replace your sectional sofa, your dining table or your bed, Casavogue is the place to start your search. Our consultants will be happy to guide you if you need help finding the perfect piece of furniture to fit your space.