PRESTIGE - Casavogue - StatusPRESTIGE - Casavogue - Status


Chambre complète

$4,395.00 CAD $5,500.00 CAD

DREAM - Casavogue - StatusDREAM - Casavogue - Status


Chambre complète

$3,657.00 CAD $4,750.00 CAD

MARA - Casavogue - StatusMARA - Casavogue - Status

Mara Bed -

Chambre complète

$4,595.00 CAD $5,095.00 CAD

ALBA - Casavogue - Charles DavidALBA - Casavogue - Charles David


Chambre complète

$4,795.00 CAD $6,100.00 CAD

AMBRA - Casavogue - Charles DavidAMBRA - Casavogue - Charles David

Room Complete AMBRA

Chambre complète

$5,459.00 CAD $7,000.00 CAD

BIANCA - Casavogue - AlfBIANCA - Casavogue - Alf


Chambre complète

$4,140.00 CAD $6,900.00 CAD

DRUMMOND - Casavogue - JLMDRUMMOND - Casavogue - JLM


Chambre complète

$5,695.00 CAD $7,100.00 CAD

CLOÉ - Casavogue - HuppéCLOÉ - Casavogue - Huppé


Chambre complète

$7,744.00 CAD $9,750.00 CAD

COSTA BLANCA - Casavogue - AlfCOSTA BLANCA - Casavogue - Alf


Chambre complète

EDINGTON - Casavogue - Charles DavidEDINGTON - Casavogue - Charles David


Chambre complète

$8,189.00 CAD $10,600.00 CAD

DAFNE VINCI - Casavogue - TomasellaDAFNE VINCI - Casavogue - Tomasella


Chambre complète

$8,395.00 CAD $10,500.00 CAD

DEA - Casavogue - StatusDEA - Casavogue - Status


Chambre complète

$4,395.00 CAD $5,500.00 CAD

In this category, we invite you to discover all the complete rooms we offer. Contemporary, classic or design, you will find the high-end room you need with Casavogue. Other products are also available in this category to complete your current room: bedside table, dresser, bed, mattress or even semainier. Enjoy high-end, luxurious products with Casavogue in Montreal made in Italy, Canada and Quebec.

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At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than sitting under the covers to relax. It is therefore crucial that the bedroom is a place that inspires relaxation and comfort. What’s more, the room is the most personal place in the house. It must therefore reflect your personality. Casavogue is proud to help you furnish your bedroom to your preferences.

We offer luxurious and affordable furnishings in a classic, contemporary and modern style. We are also convinced that you will find the perfect Italian room set or furniture of your dreams among our wide selection. 

In addition to the quality and aesthetics of our furniture, our high-end bedroom furniture is also designed to last. We therefore offer our customers furniture that allows them to make responsible purchases.

About our collections

Whether you are looking for a quality Italian room set or modern design storage furniture, you will find what you are looking for at Casavogue. We offer a wide selection of design furniture brands at unbeatable value for money.

We invite you to discover our vast selection of luxurious and affordable furniture for the bedroom.

About Casavogue

Casavogue Furniture House offers a wide selection of bedroom furniture at a promotional price. Our advisors are also available if you need help finding the perfect furniture for your room.

Besides our bedroom furniture, Casavogue also offers kitchen furniture and upscale living room. To transform your living spaces, start your research with us. 

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to speak with you.