Chandelier By Charles David

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- Fabriqués en aluminium coulé et peints en noir mat

- Poids combiné de 6,8 livres pour une présence imposante

- Different heights of 10 and 13 inches for dramatic, complementary visual impact

Dive into the elegant, Gothic allure of your interior space with Charles David's Tilde candlesticks. These cast aluminum candlesticks, painted matte black, add a touch of mystery and sophistication to your decor. With a combined weight of 6.8 pounds, they add substance and elegance to any room. Their differing heights of 10 and 13 inches create a striking visual impact, offering a subtle yet powerful contrast. Tilde candlesticks are the perfect embodiment of the balance between boldness and elegance, adding a touch of drama to your interior. Add gothic chic to your home with these unique candlesticks by Charles David.

  • Made of cast aluminum for exceptional durability
  • Painted matte black for an elegant, timeless finish
  • Combined weight of 6.8 pounds for an imposing presence
  • Different heights of 10 and 13 inches for a dramatic and complementary visual impact
  • Designed by Charles David to combine Gothic style with modern sophistication

Dia-4'' X 10''H | Dia-4'' X 13''H

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