Why is my leather sofa crumbling?

Anderson Sectional Sofa by Charles David.

A leather sofa is a popular piece of furniture because of its durability and strength. It can peel and chip over time for various reasons. It is also possible for it to have a small scratch. Given its price, it is unthinkable to throw it away because of small nicks or scratches. You can easily repair it yourself. So here are some tips and tricks to help you if you find yourself in this situation.

Why is the leather sofa chipping or cracking?

Portofino loveseat in leather or fabric

Most leather sofas chip or fracture due to drying out. This is usually associated with the deterioration of the original stain and varnish. In fact, drying out causes the leather to lose its thickness and become brittle. The outer surface of the sofa becomes dull and flaking. On the ribs and flaps, cracks appear.

To understand this, you need to know that there are several leather treatments. The "full grain aniline" leather is the most natural. Its marbled aspect is obtained by putting it in a dye bath. This is how it retains the best attributes of real leather, such as suppleness and softness to the touch. Not to mention the ease of use.

The pigmented finish, on the other hand, consists of applying a thick layer of solid color to the surface of the hide. For protection, a layer of clear varnish is placed on top. This type of leather is more durable and is widely used in the production of sectional sofas in Montreal.

Preparing the surface of the leather to be repaired

Monterey leather loveseat

First, the area to be restored must be cleaned with a soft cloth soaked in a liquid. This can be leather cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Moisturizing may not be effective if the leather sofa is dirty. Gently rub the grooves and folds of the leather sofa.

This step cleans the surface to be treated of any dirt, such as dust and grease, and prepares it for the application of the leather glue. If you use too much alcohol, the glossy layers will be altered.

Moisturizing the leather sofa

If the leather sofa is peeling, it is due to drying. You must moisturize it for several days by applying a thin layer of cream or milk specially designed for this material. This is unavoidable in order to prevent the leather from drying out.

Moisturizing cannot be done in one day, so you must be patient before starting the repair process. You will need to repeat the same steps several times.

Sand and dye the sections that will be subtly restored

Before staining, hand sand the areas to be restored with wet or dry sandpaper. Smooth the surface by working in the direction of the cracks. Dye the leather with the specific leather paint. Apply the product in a few thin coats and let it dry for about 20 minutes.

You want to make sure the color of your leather sofa stays the same in the end. If it looks too dull, dab a lighter mixture over it with a sponge. Let it dry naturally. It is not recommended to use a heat source to harden the glue or paint.

How can I prevent my leather sofa from crumbling?

White leather sofa Nardi of the brand Franco Ferri

Your leather sofa will dry out over time. But there are also drinks, chips, and marks to consider. The sealing of the sofa should not be forgotten. It is therefore essential to monitor the clogging and clean it regularly. To do this, apply the leather care milk, which cleans, nourishes and protects the leather from drying out in a single step. Very moisturizing, it will keep the leather supple over time.

It can also be used in the automobile, on leather articles and on leather clothes. This way, you can maintain your leather sofa and prevent it from crumbling over time. Cracks on leather are often caused by the leather drying out. Therefore, you should implement regular maintenance of your leather sectional sofa.

Dust your leather sofa!

To avoid any reaction, dust your leather sofa with a very soft cloth moistened with water ideally demineralized. Avoid using aerosol dusting products, which can leave a stain on the leather. Leather does not like water, so wring out sponges or cloths well if you use them wet.

Once you've finished cleaning your leather sofa, be sure to dry it with a dry cloth to remove any moisture. Don't forget to emphasize the grooves, such as on a sectional or sofa.

Casavogue Leather Sofa Deep Cleaning

Whichever product you choose, apply it to a cloth rather than directly to the leather. Gently massage it in. When cleaning your leather chair, avoid using greasy products that will leave stains. We recommend testing the product on a hidden area first. It would be a shame to damage your leather sofa during the cleaning process.

You can use one of the following solutions for a more thorough cleaning. This will prevent your leather sofa from chipping:

  • To clean your leather sofa, use water with Marseille soap (a few drops per liter of water). You can also use dishwashing liquid. You will need to rinse with clear water and dry before buffing the leather.
  • Make a light foam with the Marseille soap, then apply it on the leather without insisting, before rinsing with clear water.
  • When applying the moisturizing milk, add a few drops of household vinegar. Apply a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar.

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