What is a double bed?

Bernard bed of the brand Huppé

Looking for a double bed but don't know what size to choose? Learn how to determine the right measurements for your mattress and box spring based on your needs and sleeping habits. First, you need to understand what a queen bed is. Find out in this article, everything you need to know about a queen bed. Perfect before you make your purchase.

Definition of a double bed

Size designations on bedding websites can be difficult to understand. Typically, you start with the width of the bed, then the length. This category includes both single and double beds. 80x200 refers to a single bed that is 80 cm wide and 200 cm long. If it is a queen size bed with two mattresses or two box springs, it can be designated as 2x80x200.

A double bed is not always a bedding set with two box springs or two mattresses. It can also mean a bed for two people. This means that a double bed can have only one mattress and one box spring. So that you can enjoy a good night's sleep together!

What are the dimensions of double beds?

Bed 140x190

A bed of 140x190 is the usual size of a classic double bed. Casavogue offers 140 cm wide beds in two lengths: 190 and 200 cm. We recommend our customers to choose a size 10 or 15 centimeters larger than their height. Indeed, if you are taller than 1m80, sleeping well in a 190 cm long bed will be more difficult. The 140x190 size will offer an excellent comfort to people sleeping alone. This applies to adults, children and teenagers. It is also the first size recommended for couples. Nevertheless, new trends have appeared.

Bed 160x200

The king-size 160x200 bed was once common in large hotels. Individuals have adopted it because a 140 bed can be too small for some couples. Nowadays, sleepers want more space in their beds. This is one of the new comforts desired for a good sleep. The 160x200 or 2x80x200 size, both practical and pleasant, is quickly becoming a must-have worldwide.

Bed 180x200

As in some hotels, we offer a very large double bed in 180x200 or 2x90x200 for more comfort. If you want a spacious bed and good sleeping independence, this bed is for you. Of course, a large room is necessary for a king-size bed. You will no longer feel cramped in your bed.

You have the possibility to choose two box springs and two mattresses for a greater independence of the bed. Then you just have to use a connection kit. If 160x200 cm bedding won't fit on your stairs, you can choose a 2x80x200 bed for a large double bed.

Which twin bed should I choose?

Faced with the large choice of furniture in our Montreal furniture store, it is not always easy. Choosing then becomes complex. Here are a few tips on how to find the perfect queen bed for your needs. To choose the bed that suits you best, consider the following factors

  • Your body type;
  • Your sleeping autonomy;
  • The size of your bedroom.

First of all, if you are taller than 1m80, we recommend a bed with a length of 200 cm. If your bed is too small, you may not have a good night's sleep. You will have difficulty finding your position and will have to bend over to sleep. In addition to size, you need to consider your body mass. Are you a couple looking for an ideal bed to sleep in? Choose a model with a width of 160 cm for a large bed.

Casavogue double beds

Surface bed with customizable headboard

Several types of beds have been introduced on the market over the years: canopy beds, mezzanine beds. We can also mention the new beds with bedside tables directly integrated. Not forgetting also the boxspring, i.e. the box spring. New trends have appeared recently.

Sleeping independence

The size of a queen-size bed is not the only factor to consider when sleeping together. You should also choose a mattress that allows you to sleep independently. A good mattress should effectively absorb the movements of one person without the other feeling them. You don't want to be startled awake every time your partner rolls over!

In general, pocket spring mattresses, like latex mattresses, offer complete sleeping independence when they are of good quality. However, their price is more consequent for the top of the range, it is normal.

The size of your bed: how to be sure of your choice?

Several factors must be taken into account to determine the appropriate size of a double bed:

  • The build of the people sleeping together. A couple where one or both of them are heavier will surely need a very large bed. This means a bed of at least 160 cm with a firm bed frame.
  • Sleepers' nighttime movements: If one or both people tend to move around a lot at night, think big! Choose a king-size bed so that one person can move freely without disturbing the other.

In terms of materials, the double bed can be built in solid wood or composite, which allows for a wide choice of colors. Finally, some types of double beds are made of metal. The metal bed has the advantage of allowing you to choose between a very modern and a more traditional style.

Check out our Casavogue beds if you want to buy a new double bed without breaking the bank. These in-stock items each have their own style, design and color and are delivered directly to your home. Our Casavogue furniture store in Montreal offers great prices. Change the style of your bedroom and make your nights more enjoyable.

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