Our Flexiti financing solution

You want to take advantage of a payment facility? Casavogue is a partner of Flexiti. You can buy now and pay later. Discover below all you need to know about our Flexiti payment solution.

What is Flexiti?

Flexiti allows you to buy the furniture you've been eyeing without waiting to save. It's a quick and easy way to move forward with your furniture project without any constraints. In addition, this service will allow you to take advantage of our many promotions throughout the year, to avoid missing an opportunity to save money and therefore be even more successful.

What are the possibilities with Flexiti?

At Casavogue, we offer monthly payments from 3 to 48 months, with no minimum purchase, to meet all your financing needs.

    How to apply for a Flexiti card?

    If you wish to apply for Flexiti financing, it is possible with Casavogue when you make your purchase in store. The application is made with a sales consultant and will be approved in a few minutes.

    Why pay in installments?

    Paying in installments greatly improves the quality of the consumer's shopping experience. Paying in installments helps the consumer cover a large cost without risking an overdraft. This makes it easier for them to budget, regardless of their financial situation. Paying in installments allows customers to purchase our items without putting their budget at risk. According to an Opinionway survey, the ability to pay in installments is a key factor in the choice of a merchant for one out of four customers. That's why we chose Flexiti. This underlines the importance of including this option in our online store.

    The Flexiti card is a credit card with an annual fee of $40.  A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capabilities before committing.

    Enjoy Flexiti at Casavogue

    Casavogue is a Flexiti partner. We offer you this financing solution. You can buy your furniture now and pay later. Different financing plans are offered by Casavogue. The goal is to benefit from a financing that fits perfectly to your budget. Use your Flexiti card with Casavogue as a credit card. Every time you want to use it, you don't need to apply for credit. This card can also be used in the entire Flexiti network. More than 7,000 partners have joined Flexiti. If you need to furnish your home in a high quality way, it is possible. No need to save or deprive yourself. It is possible to buy the sofa of your dreams and pay for it in installments. This is the solution that Casavogue offers you today.

    Casavogue thus proposes to you to please you immediately. The objective is to allow you to buy immediately what you want. No need to wait and save on many months.

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