Differentiate between loveseat, sofa and armchair

The chair, like the dining room table, occupies a central place in the living room. Choosing the chair of your dreams, the one that will meet all your requirements, can be difficult. Simply because of the astonishing range of models available on the market. So, before going in search of the perfect sofa several essential criteria should be taken into account. You must be interested in the materials. To the size, to the colors, to the location. In this article, Casavogue helps you to differentiate between different models. You can easily differentiate the loveseat, sofa and armchair.

What is a chair?

Tratto Armchair

This one is simple and well-known: the famous single-seater piece of furniture! It’s hard to go wrong with a single seat that is both small and comfortable. It is ideal for compact places or to have its own seat. The Armchair has only one seat. A chair has side wings that support the arms of the model. Chairs come in a number of styles to meet a variety of demands. They are often associated with comfort. Armchairs have a reputation for being particularly comfortable. The term "armchair" is sometimes used in a pejorative connotation. The image of someone criticizing something while sitting in an armchair. Many furniture stores sell armchairs including Casavogue.

Armrests are the most important part of a chair. Apart from that, chairs come in different shapes and sizes. Some are rigid. Others are constructed of wood, steel, plastic or other materials. Others are lavishly upholstered, making them incredibly comfortable to use. For those who take leisure seriously! Some chairs come with matching footrests. While others transcend boundaries and become recliners. They have sections that move to allow the chair to tilt back and forth. They allow the occupant to lounge or even recline.

Armchairs traditionally take up more space than chairs without arms. They are heavier and more cumbersome. This is due to the presence of armrests. This is especially true for upholstered chairs. They are very popular in living rooms, where people prefer to relax and lounge.

What is a Loveseat?

Loveseat Grotta

Traditionally, a loveseat refers to a small sofa or couch. The expression probably comes from its small size. This is because only two people can sit comfortably together at any given time. A contemporary loveseat is generally 53 to 60 inches wide and 34 to 38 inches high. Its depth is between 34 and 38 inches. Of course, height and depth specifications can vary. However, it is generally considered that a sofa over 152 cm wide may be too large for two people. Modern loveseats are available in a variety of different styles, colors and materials. They can even be purchased as part of a set with a traditional sofa. Casavogue offers a wide selection of different loveseats. The loveseat was once considered an elite piece of furniture, reserved for the upper classes.Sofas and armchairs have become more common in working-class homes. Especially during the industrial revolution. So the lovemaker also gained popularity. Lately, it has become almost vital for the inhabitants of small apartments.

What is a sofa?

Flamingo Sofa and Loveseat Set

A "sofa" is a small leather or fabric couch on which you can sit or lie down. This name sounds like an Italian sounding name, but it is not. It can be found in furniture stores and design publications. But where does the term "sofa" come from? It derives from the Arabic word "suffa", which means " stone bench ". An unusual term, given that a sofa can today be associated with a variety of furniture certainly. However, one does not associate it with something unpleasant and hard. Sofas are now located at an appropriate height from the ground to be comfortable. They are even used as an essential design element. Just like you can use a soft rug at the foot of the sofa. This is the focal point of the living room. This room, in which you will place floor lamps and other warm furniture. The living room used by all families and guests. In other words, do not leave your decision to chance! There are many types of sofas that fit any environment. Whether they are fabric or leather !

Choose the shape of your furniture

Liano armchair

Loveseat, armchair or sofa, you must take the time to choose the shape. Indeed, this is important depending on the space available. You can now decide on the shape of your sofa after deciding on its use. A more round shape is often intended to accommodate a large number of people. The round shape of a sofa is also more suitable for people who want to lie on it. Curved sofas, on the other hand, often take up more space than straight sofas. If you have a small area, choose more angular sofas or a loveseat. Whether circular or straight, an L-shaped sofa is perfect for large open rooms. This separates the living room from the dining room or for family gatherings in front of the fireplace.

Casavogue offers you to discover its range of sofas, loveseats and armchairs. Make your choice among high quality products. Luxurious products offered at a reasonable price. An excellent investment on the long term. So choose quickly your sofa, loveseat or armchair in Montreal.

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