What’s the white glove delivery?

Just bought new furniture at Casavogue? Congratulations! You will be able to benefit from our white glove delivery service, which is part of our customer experience.

What is the Casavogue white glove delivery?

This is a top-of-the-line service from your store to make it easier for you to get your new furniture into your home, and to give you peace of mind.


Unpacking of furniture

As a first step, we choose together a day that suits you for delivery. We give you a few recommendations, such as providing enough space for our delivery agents to get through safely, or installing a fabric that doesn’t damage your floor.

We make up to 3 deliveries a day to allow delivery people to make them with care and to assemble your furniture with the necessary time.


This is the big day you’ve been waiting for since you bought your new furniture: they finally arrive at your home! All you have to do is welcome our delivery agents and make sure you make enough room to allow them to deliver you in the best conditions.

The project manager checks with you where each piece of furniture should go, to save time and avoid confusion.

Installation and assembly

installation of a console in white gloves delivery

Your interior deserves the utmost care, which is why our delivery teams are trained and prepared to fit your furniture in any space and room configuration. This ensures that you receive quality service in a safe manner and that you have an efficient layout.

Once the furniture is in place and in the right parts, our delivery people can start the assembly. Here again, we take care of everything. Depending on the number of items to be assembled, the duration can vary. So make sure you have a few hours in front of you to receive our teams in peace.

End of Delivery

White glove delivery from chair

That’s it, your furniture is installed, your rooms are decorated and you’re already looking forward to enjoying your new interior.

Once unpacking and assembly is complete, our delivery agents take care to leave with all the packaging and cartons, leaving you a ready-to-use interior.

The advantages of white glove delivery by Casavogue

  • Delivery everywhere in Montreal and surroundings*.
  • High quality service
  • Time saving
  • Team of experts for the installation and assembly of your furniture
  • Peace of mind
  • Complete experience from purchase to your furniture at home

*Contact us for more details in case of doubt

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