The Casavogue protection plan

You have just acquired new furniture at Casavogue, congratulations! You are now asking yourself how to take care of them and guarantee them long-term protection. Here are the solutions we offer at Casavogue.

What is the Casavogue protection plan?

Two different protection plans are available for your purchase: The Service Plan Essentials and the All Tasks Service Plan.
What are the differences between the 2?
How do you make sure you choose the right option for your needs?

The steps in the protection plan are:

1. We intervene to try to clean up the task.

2. We intervene to try to repair.

3. We replace if the previous two steps are unsuccessful.

4. You have an additional 5-year warranty.

5. These additional 5 years are for task cleaning only.

The “Essentials” coverage

With the warranty The essentials you benefit from coverage against certain accidental tasks such as those made by food, beverages, dietary fats. Tasks of human biological nature are also supported. This protection is valid for a term of 5 years from the date of your purchase.

“All Tasks” coverage

If you choose All Tasks protection, it is also valid for 5 years from the date of your chat. All accidental tasks are supported except those caused by corrosive products as well as those made by body or hair oils.

However, you benefit from additional protection with this option. Indeed, for a duration of 3 years, you are protected against sebum accumulation stains. The latter are often present towards the headrests.

If you choose to purchase a finished leather or Bycast cabinet, you also benefit from additional protection. Yes, you are protected from cigarette burns on your furniture, but that’s not all. Cuts, incisions or other perforations are supported. Be careful, this comprehensive protection formula does not support certain damages such as those caused by animals.

How to use your Casavogue protection?

Make sure your registration confirmation number is available. Just call our number free of charge (1-800-661-7313). At some point in the process, the holder of this protection plan will need to provide proof of purchase in the form of the original invoice. This will also serve as a source of pertinent information about the covered item as well as the manufacturer. This will reduce the time required to obtain service.

Below are the necessary steps. These will allow you to make your protection plan work.

1. If there is a stain, try to gently clean the soiled surface. Use the stain remover provided. Follow the instructions on the bottle, or as recommended by one of our customer service representatives.

2. Achieve better results and adhere to the terms of this service plan. For this, please contact us within 14 days of the task’s appearance. We will send you a certified professional cleaner to clean the damaged surface. All at no cost to the plan holder, of course.

3. If the authorized technician cannot remove the task, the task must be supported in your protection form. In this case, we commit to repair the stained section of the equipment/item.

4. If the applicable task (either ALL or ESSENTIAL) covered by the conditions of this service plan cannot be repaired by a certified technician, in this case, you will be eligible for a replacement of your current furniture. Identical if possible or equivalent.

What does the protection plan not support?

The protection plan proposed by Casavogue covers you accordingly. However, certain points are excluded from this protection, including the following:

- Furniture for professional use.

- Furniture stained on delivery.

- Intentional tasks.

- Discolouration of colours.

- Odour problem on furniture.

- Tasks caused by corrosive products.

- Accumulation of perspiration on furniture.

- Tears and cracks or scratches on leather.

- Repairs made by an external body to the furniture.

- Protection plan not valid for certain materials. Not supported for silk, metal, carpets, carpets, etc.

- Mattresses are not covered by this protection plan.

Why subscribe to this protection plan?

By trusting our protection services, you protect yourself when you buy. Indeed, your furniture will live to the rhythm of your daily habits and lifestyle. If you have young children, it’s also the guarantee of peace of mind with your new purchases.

Our teams remain at your disposal for any questions regarding our protection plans, as well as the conditions of support

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