The curio: the essential of the show

The curio is used to display objects in the living room. You can display anything you want, like trophies, plates or books. Find out why a curio will make you fall in love with it. The curio is always useful and never goes out of style. Its clean lines and modern look make it more popular than ever. Discover all the good things about this type of furniture and buy yourself the one you like the most about Casavogue.

Why buy a curio for your salon?

Curio Métropolis of the brand Tomasella

The best thing about this glass cabinet is that it can showcase your favorite items instead of having them everywhere. You can then gather them in a creative and beautiful way. Most of the time, we are more aware of the principle of accumulation. Especially when it comes to delicate miniatures and small things. The most beautiful effect is always the small personal museum thanks to the curio. Where you can contemplate the trinkets that are especially important to you. Putting things in their place is fun and will help you think about new ways to use them. If you are a collector, you will not be able to stay away from an exhibition of the amazing objects you found in antique dealers. Having a showcase is a good thing for many reasons. One of the most obvious is that it keeps valuable items safe. By placing them in a piece of furniture designed to highlight them, they will not be found everywhere in your living room. Indeed, they could fall and break. If you fear that your treasures will be stolen, it is also much easier to remove the key from the curio. You will avoid telling your guests to pay attention to your precious objects. In addition, dust will settle less easily. It is always a good thing from an aesthetic and practical point of view.

The advantages of the curio

Curio Oceanum de la marque Alf

The curio is perfect to be placed in the living room. However, it can also be placed in other rooms of the house. We love to use it as a showcase in the living room. Perfect for presenting our finest collections. It is also ideal for storing books and files in an office. It is useful and exists in a wide range of sizes to fit the space you have. It adapts to your living room that you want to decorate and the objects you want to store. It puts everything away from small hands. And also curious animals and careless people who move. It is much cleaner than the open shelves or the top of the furniture. One of its best features is that it lets light through. And this without letting dust in. You don’t need to clean your glass collections every other day. Indeed, the doors of the glass curio prevent dust from entering. Top!

Which curio to choose?

Our ancestors already had furniture that looked like curios. But now that it is up to date, it comes in many styles and materials. Some more modern than others. As for the materials, the wooden curio remains the most traditional. It can be painted or left raw to make it more modern. For those who love the modern style, the industrial metal curio is a must. Also pay attention to the strength of the glass used for the windows. Another thing to think about is the format, which must adapt to space. There are tall and narrow curios, such as cabinets. Others lower, like the buffets. If the layout allows, you can also choose a two-in-one curio. A curio with full panels at the bottom and windows at the top. No room? The curio also exists in a suspended version that can be hung on the wall. Finally, if you have an atypical space, you can choose a customized curio. The latter will be more expensive, but more suitable.

How to highlight his curio?

Curio Eva of the brand Alf

The curio is perfect for recesses and other difficult spaces to fill. On the other hand, it can also be a vault that stands alone in the middle of a wall. The curio can also cover an entire wall. In all cases, the shelves are the most important part. You don’t just place objects on them. Indeed, you will be able to decorate your curio strategically. Glasses should be sorted by size. Books should be sorted by height. We recommend sorting dishes by color. Mix items used for storage and items used for decoration. For example, stack plates on a shelf. Then stack the knick-knacks on another shelf. Things that look messy are hidden in boxes and baskets. The most beautiful objects are placed at eye level on the shelves that people will see the most. Use LED strips or adhesive spots to add a little light inside. The rendering will be beautiful.

What curio for what decoration?

London Place Curio of Michael Amini

Choose a raw or bleached wooden model that looks like old furniture for a country-chic look. Don’t be afraid to play with the grain, grooves and aged appearance of the wood. Everything works well to highlight the Shabby Chic style. Anthracite grey will also give you a natural and soft look. If you like modern and contemporary decors, choose black, grey, lacquered panels or wood. Some models even use more than one type of material, such as grey panels with some wood. A bonus point for built-in lighting that gives your items the impression that they belong to a museum. If you like industrial design, you can choose wood and metal glass cabinets. Perfect for industrial style.

We invite you to discover our entire range of curios available on Casavogue.

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