Labor Day: Honoring 51 years of commitment and passion at Casavogue

The Casavogue building in Montreal

September 4 marks National Labor Day in Quebec. This special day invites us to reflect on the balance between work and comfort, and to celebrate the history of a family business that has been around for 51 years.

At Casavogue, we want to pay tribute to every individual who has contributed to our exceptional journey. Behind Casavogue are dedicated faces, employees and entrepreneurs, visionary founders and today's team, all of whom have contributed to the company's greatness.

The Casavogue team

The Network Manager

Photo of Noca arranged by Casavogue

Every person who has passed through our doors has shaped our heritage. Let us tell you Tessa's story. She's our Social Network Manager, but outside office hours, she lives her passion as a professional photographer.

Through her work with Casavogue, she has been able to express her creativity by capturing our furniture from an artistic angle. Her wedding photography skills have enabled her to discover unusual locations and create timeless memories for her clients.

His exceptional product photos captured the essence of Casavogue in such a unique way that we decided to use them on our store windows. Today, as you walk or drive down the street, Tessa's beautiful photos adorn our windows, a testament to her talent and our commitment to excellence.

Casavogue's graphic designer

Casavogue in Quebec

But then there's our graphic director, Lisa. Her talent and creativity were the driving force behind our first Casavogue postcard, a magnificent illustration that reflects the soul of our company. She also seized the opportunity to combine her love of design and travel by obtaining a working vacation permit to come to Canada, enriching our team with her unique perspective.

Casavogue marketing coordinator

Casavogue candle

And how could we not mention Zara, our Marketing Coordinator. Her dream of opening a candle company was the starting point for our Casavogue candle. Thanks to her dedication and passion, Zara has helped create a unique candle. From the selection of scents to the choice of beautiful visuals, in collaboration with Lisa, to the creation of superb videos with Tessa, every step of the Casavogue candle embodies the passion and commitment of people involved in their work.

The Casavogue sales team

Our Sales Director

Mural festival

Among our exceptional members is Francis, our Sales Director. He had a bold idea: to participate in Montreal's major event, the Festival Mural. This initiative led to the creation of a unique pop store concept for the event, a true immersion in the Casavogue universe. This adventure was also the starting point for another extraordinary story.

To bring the pop store concept to life, we had to recruit some extraordinary people. That's how Mimi entered our world.

Our best saleswoman

Coming from a restaurant background, Mimi brought with her a passion for design, fashion and an incredible aptitude for renovation and construction. Her sense of taste for renovating and building objects found a perfect home at Casavogue. Her presence in our sales team has brought a new dimension to our business.

The Power of Ideas

The Casavogue Family

Casavogue's history spans 51 years. It's a legacy built on passion, determination and commitment to quality. Each piece of furniture is carefully selected to tell a story, to create living spaces that blend comfort and style.

This attention to detail is our way of thanking you, our customers, for your continued support. Every piece of furniture we offer is the fruit of our commitment to teamwork, quality and excellence.

When you choose Casavogue, you choose furniture that tells a story, that embodies our passion for creating exceptional living spaces.

The meaning of Labor Day: recognition and solidarity

Beyond its historical significance, Labor Day embodies values of recognition and solidarity with workers in all sectors. It's an opportunity to reflect on the importance of work in our lives, and to pay tribute to those who contribute to the economic growth and development of our communities.

A word from Casavogue's president

For this occasion, David, the company's president, wanted to send a special word to all the people who make Casavogue what it is today: a family business that has endured for 51 years.

Dear partners

As we approach September 4, the emblematic date of National Labor Day in Quebec, I'd like to take this opportunity to share a moment of authenticity with you.

I want to talk about the essence of work, the balance that needs to be found, and how this is reflected in the experience thatCasavogue offers.

Today, I'd like to pay tribute to our employees, our partners and all those who have helped build Casavogue.

Our 51-year existence is a testament to the commitment of our founders (Calogero and Francesca), our dedicated team and the artisans who bring our vision to life.

Each piece of furniture we carefully select is an expression of our belief in the value of teamwork and exceptional craftsmanship.

Finding the balance between the effort we invest in our projects and the time we devote to our well-being is a quest that touches us all.

National Labor Day reminds us of this duality.

It's an invitation to reflect on our priorities, to surround ourselves with those we love, and to appreciate every moment.

On this National Labor Day, I encourage you to reflect on your own journey, celebrate teamwork and discover how each piece of furniture at Casavogue tells part of that story.

David Territo

CEO, Casavogue

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