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Tableau douces couleurs crèmes de Geneviève Morel

At Casavogue, the art of design and decoration has been an integral part of the store for 51 years. David Territo, president of the company and himself a great lover of art in general, interior design and conception, decided to introduce Montrealers to a whole new form of visual art that integrates perfectly with Casavogue furniture: painting.

Contemporary painter Geneviève Morel

Photo de l'artiste Geneviève Morel

Discovered thanks to social networks and her works presented at the Old Port of Montreal, came to exhibit her fluid acrylic work for the 2023 summer season at Casavogue. Her works combine poetic movements, reminiscent of sea waves, with pastel-colored, nude canvases.

Her story

It was following a stroke in 2013, and the paralysis of her left arm, that Geneviève developed a passion for creation. Beginning to take an interest in different types of art, creative processes and painting styles, she eventually took the plunge and created her own fluid acrylic canvases.

Turning a painful moment into a strength and bringing out the best in it, that's the message Geneviève conveys through her work.

Her main inspirations:

John Beckley, a contemporary painter of abstract and pop art. With his elegant, sometimes disturbing universe, he has been painting for 16 years now in the French town of Hossegor.

For me, painting is a means of escape, expression and sharing. I like my canvases to be seen, admired, criticized and disturbed. For me, art must be in motion, in effervescence, constantly challenging established rules.

Abstract art stands a little apart because it has, I think, the privilege of capturing an emotion at a given moment (like a photograph) and often retains a mysterious side."

Another painter who inspires Geneviève, Erica Hugues, offers colorful, abstract and luminous canvases.

Tableau vagues bleues et dorures dans le salon

Contemporary artists with highly recognizable and unique artistic styles.

Her wildest dream?

To open her own art gallery and promote local contemporary artists who deserve to be seen.

Discover Geneviève Morel's work at Casavogue

Tableau de Geneviève Morel chez Casavogue

And so, for almost 2 months now, it's a new art form that Casavogue customers can discover and acquire too, in addition to shopping for new furniture. Geneviève Morel's works are available to discover, but can also be ordered and delivered to your home.

At Casavogue, we're always open to showcasing our local artists, whether in the art of design, painting or fashion, we like to bring out the talent in everyone. Because we believe that designing an interior is also an art.

Tableau vagues bleues et dorures

This is the case for every person who designs a new collection of furniture for a dining room or bedroom: imagining the piece of furniture, drawing it, modifying it, choosing the colors and finally designing it in actual size, and exhibiting it like a work of art in the home of the person who chooses it.

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