casavogue is proud to publish the second version of its magazine

the casavogue furniture shop in montreal

In this second issue, you will find the trends of this spring, our new products that have just arrived in stores, the most informed advice from our interior design experts, but also the events that the whole team is preparing to celebrate the upcoming summer and our 50th anniversary throughout the year.

the phrase of Calogero Territo


the hands of an Ebenist

Calogero Territo was an apprentice cabinetmaker with a passion for making furniture. Coming from Italy in the 60's, he decided to settle in Canada. After working in several factories, he launched his own: Artistic furnitures.


vase in front of tables

Their 3 sons Jack, Riccardo and David, all 3 graduates, did not take long to join their parents in the business. First part time then full time. The strength of the brand lies in their choice of suppliers: modern Italian brands such as Calligaris or Tomasella. The Territo family also turned to brands more familiar to the Canadian style: Michael Amini, Bermex...

MAJOR CHANGES: After running their store on rue Jean Talon, the family bought part of a large warehouse with several shops on boulevard St Michel, and decided to renovate and enlarge it.


threesome promotion on furniture

One of the great novelties of this decade is also the launching of the Trios; a set of three rooms fitted out for a single price, with the aim of reaching a clientele such as newlyweds who are moving in.


Colour and material selection panel

After several years of presence on the furniture market in Montreal, Casavogue wishes to remain the reference in furniture. That's why Mr. Territo and his sons go to Milan every year to get inspired by the latest trends.


vase in front of tables

Over the years, the interest for decoration and interior design has grown, making Casavogue the Montreal reference in terms of advice, customer service and quality.


the success of casavogue

From the beginning, Casavogue has recognized that furniture is more than a place to sit, eat and sleep, it is a complete experience. And that's what their creators have been keen to perpetuate throughout the past 50 years.


Casavogue’s 50th birthday cake

We proudly hope to sum up the years to come. The future looks bright with you and we are proud to count you among the Casavogue family.

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