Casavogue pioneers

Calogero Territo and Francesca Marciante Territo

Calogero Territo and Francesca Marciante Territo

You may wonder who is behind this company created in 1972?

Of Italian origin, they came to Quebec in the 60's. He was a cabinetmaker and passionate about furniture making, she was a hairdresser and ended up joining her husband to launch this beautiful adventure and seduce Quebecers with avant-garde furniture.

light luxury sofa And if you ask Mr. Territo what he would have liked to do if he had not been a cabinetmaker, he will answer: "The same thing as today!" dark luxury sofa 50 years later, you will find them in the same place, in their store, still as passionate about their furniture, advising customers as on the first day. white luxury sofa

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