10 tips for choosing living room furniture

Modern living room: all you need to know

Do you want to create an atmosphere for a modern living room? The living room lends itself to all styles for a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Here are some tips and trends from the beginning of the year to decorate this room where we like to meet up with family, to your liking.

A modern living room that suits you

First tip, choose living room furniture with the right dimensions and leave space around it. It is important to be able to move around easily in this room. Do you want to choose a modern sofa? The GROTTA leather sofa can be ideal for a medium-sized living room, and to optimize the rest of the room .

Second tip, it's no secret that materials inspired by nature, accessories referring to natural elements and natural colors are among the 2022 trends . Regarding the living room, we suggest you consider the following ideas:

  • Choose natural materials such as wood, marble, linen...
  • Opt for decorative elements inspired by nature
  • Enrich the room with indoor plants

Third, do not neglect the place of light! There is nothing more frustrating than spending the evening in a dark room with a lack of light. So even if your room lets in a lot of natural light , think about nightfall. Several options are available to you: a suspension above the coffee table , an auxiliary lamp on the modern TV cabinet, a directional floor lamp in a corner of the room... The choice is yours!

Materials and fabrics that are popular!

You'll see more and more of them at this year's trend shows as well as in furniture stores; marble , wood , rattan and linen are the “must-haves” of this year, and for good reason:

  • As a small touch like a lamp or for a large room like a TV cabinet with clean lines, marble brings elegance.
  • Choose your rattan armchair to keep the natural and relaxing spirit.
  • For your coffee tables, wood is the big trend this year, it brings authenticity to the living room.
  • For a universe that looks like natural and calm spaces, linen will have its effect as a rug or even throws or cushions for the sofa.

The sofa at the center of all attention

Main piece of furniture in the room, the sofa can be the starting point to decorate the rest. Like this Piagge sofa with its electric recliners, which will set the tone for the room to decorate it in a design and modern way for a gray and white living room.


In leather or fabric, with an angle or simply straight, it defines the style of the other furniture in the room. Choose it in such a way as to make everyone want to settle there for a pleasant moment. The little extra: decorate your sofa with blankets and cushions in light colors and soft materials, to make the space even warmer! Also dare to go out of the models and styles of ordinary tables; original designs, encroachments on industrial materials or luxurious tops…

The living room is the center of your interior, where everyone gathers to share a good time. Choose it to your liking and undertake a decoration that only looks like you. Italian design will guide you straight to the very best in edgy and trendy designs.

Bet on sleek furniture and colors

Swap your imposing furniture that weighs down the space, and choose modern living room furniture with fine and clean lines. Your living room will appear more spacious and lighted, because the light will pass through the room as much as possible. A beige or cream-colored console table, designer and refined shelves to display the beautiful decoration will be all details that will bring a soothing and pleasant effect to your living room .

Likewise for color choices, warm hues will usually be inviting and cozy, while cool ones will look chic and modern . This is the case of gray and white, beige, ivory white living rooms which will give a bright side as a bonus. As is the case with the MAPLE living room, which blends perfectly into a room with light gray walls. The golden details stand out more.

In addition, bright colors such as pink, blue, green or light yellow make your room elegant. The main thing is to give the color that will set the main tone for your room .

A large rug for a cozy effect

Think BIG : If there is one element that will bring a trendy and cozy side, it is the carpet : and the more space it takes up in the room, the more your living room will cultivate this spirit of relaxation and cocooning. Carpets in lighter colors give the impression of length, darker carpets create an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Soft, padded, faux fur or padded materials are among the most popular, but whatever the choice, the goal is to feel very comfortable. If you feel like putting on your socks when you walk into your living room, then you've managed to create that sought-after atmosphere!

Modern living room: the mix and matches

One of the latest trends of the moment is to combine different elements that contrast together for an original touch : a shelf plant with a framed photograph, a designer vase with a stack of books from great designers, it's up to you to create your own mix and matches according to your desires!

Likewise with armchairs and other decorative elements, choosing them in modern styles and different materials will make your room the original place in the whole house. There are no real rules regarding this new trend, you define the style you want to give to the room by playing with materials, shapes and colors.

You are now ready to revamp your living room

In general, mix the materials to vary the textures and bring depth . Favor rounded corners, the big trend of this year. Think big with XXL elements like a rattan chandelier or a mirror affixed to a wall. Choose small personalized decoration, mix styles of decorative trinkets, adopt a dominant color for the room, soft light in several corners of the living room and voila!

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