Achieve a Christmas decoration without a tree

You don't have room at home in Montreal? Are you tired of the Christmas tree? It is possible to decorate your home without a tree. You have other solutions to decorate the house without the tree. Whether it's a Christmas wreath or linens, there are several choices available to you. Discover immediately what you can do to decorate without a Christmas tree.

Decorating with lights

As you know, the different lights around the house are very important. These Christmas decorations immediately set the mood. Garland lights, colored or not, candles of all sizes in candle holders or candlesticks. Anything that gives off light. This holiday season, let your ideas and desires shine through and literally light up your home. You may not even want to put them away in January!

Small Christmas decorations

Cookie ottoman in modern-style fabrics

If you don't have room for a Christmas tree this year, you still need to decorate with other elements. Snowmen, stars or small trees, which you can make from wood or fabric. Traditional garlands can also be used to decorate a console in the entrance or the kitchen shelves. Why not decorate the footstool in the living room? No room in the house should be overlooked. You can also use an advent calendar to give your home a more festive feel throughout December.

Christmas linens

Sofa Drop in white leather

Even if you don't have a tree, you can decorate for Christmas with fabrics and linens to get the Christmas spirit going throughout your home. You can also decorate your coffee table or dinner table. All the beds in the family will have decorations that match the theme, such as stars or deer. Sofas and chairs will have pretty pillows. The kitchen and bathroom will have tablecloths and towels that look like they were made for this time of year.

A pretty Christmas wreath

Worried that you won't be able to smell the Christmas trees this year? If so, make a plant-based Christmas wreath out of fir branches. You can hang it on your front door or keep it inside to scent your living room. It's hard to have Christmas without a central place to put the gifts and meet on the morning of December 25. We think of a fireplace, if you are lucky enough to have one. You can decorate it with a tree branch and small Christmas decorations. For a windowsill, you can decorate it with a garland and candle holders.

Decorate walls and windows

Christmas decoration is not only about the tree. Don't forget to decorate your window to give the room a warm and cheerful look. Depending on the size of the windowsill, you can create a beautiful Christmas atmosphere. Simple candles, an advent wreath hung on the wall, a light garland or some Christmas window stickers. Various solutions to bring the magic of Christmas in your home. Use our ideas as a guide to make a great Christmas window display.

Candles and candle holders

Christmas decoration with candle

Using candle holders and candles to create a Christmas atmosphere is another way to decorate your windows for Christmas. If you have a windowsill inside your home, put small white ceramic stars or candle holders decorated with snowflakes on it. For a magical decoration, add candles in the shape of a tree or small snowy houses. You can light them with a tea light. Finally, sprinkle a few pine cones, white felt balls and Christmas ornaments on top. When night falls, your window decoration will come to life and give off a soft, soothing light.

Decorating a windowsill

You can use many different things to decorate your windows for Christmas. A nativity scene is the most classic way to liven up your room. You can place it on the inside edge of your window or on a bracket right in front of it. You can also write real scenes that are inspired by the magic of Christmas. By assembling cotton, small decorative houses, miniature trees and figurines, you can create an entire village. You can then put it on your windowsill for Christmas.

A lighted reading corner

Milo contemporary style end table

This is the coziest way to decorate your window for Christmas if you have a bench under your window or an end table. With a few cushions, a plaid and a small lamp, you can turn this space into a cozy reading nook. You can drink hot chocolate while reading or watching the snow fall. You won't choose your accessories randomly, will you? Choose fabrics with red and white for a classic look. Want a bright Christmas window decoration that goes well with your modern style? You can create a cozy corner with purple and fir green velvet pillows, a gold lamp and a fuchsia plaid. Why not? Let your imagination and creativity run wild this Christmas.

Window stickers

Modern white lacquered Asti media console

Stickers with Christmas designs are one last way to decorate your windows for Christmas. Stickers are easy to apply and remove without leaving a trace. They can be simple. Our tip for a window worthy of Christmas? Choose white stickers with a few silver ones thrown in. A sticker featuring a bear or Santa's sleigh in the kids' room. This will give them ideas for stories to tell while waiting for the big day.

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