How to make his Christmas decoration?

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It's chilly outside, you've probably already got the mittens and the hat out: the holiday season is just around the corner! But how to organize your Christmas decoration this year? Which rooms to decorate, which colors to choose? We give you some tips to make your interior magical and harmonious!

The decoration of the windows

Here is a very first idea to decorate your interior for Christmas with some accessories. To optimize the space of your interior, think of the windows: a garland that goes around the frame, snowflakes on the windows, fake snow at the bottom of the window...

Also opt for garlands of lights; at this time of the year, everything is a good excuse to bring light inside. Now imagine the atmosphere at night, when everything will be illuminated and even visible from the outside: fairy-tale atmosphere guaranteed!

Door handles

It is advisable to use anything that can give you more floor space if the size of your rooms is limited. For example, doorknobs can be a great place to display the various Christmas decorations you want to place.

Wrap a festive ribbon around a ball and tie it to your doorknob. A small tree branch can also be attached.

A tree on the living room console

Each year, a selection of miniature potted trees are offered in garden centers.

Their dimensions are ideal for use in small places, such as an apartment or studio. Because of their small size, they can be placed on a shelf, a side table, or even a sideboard.

Only the base needs to be decorated. You can use a pot holder or a kraft paper bag. Ideal for a Scandinavian Christmas decoration inspired by nature!

Decorate every corner of the room

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Bringing a touch of decoration in a subtle way, will make your house or apartment harmonious, without giving too much of that overloaded and stuffy effect. Thus, you can swap your towels, dish towels or your bedding for red, green or gold colors.

Add simple objects and not of average size on your coffee table, your fireplace as the famous socks of Santa Claus. Your Christmas decoration must please you above all.

The famous Christmas wreath

Even if it is often placed on the front door, a Christmas wreath can also be placed on the wall of your dining room or in the center of the table. It serves as an original wall decoration. For Christmas, you can use very elegant wreaths that you have made yourself.

Use dried branches and leaves on the wall of your house. Make a garland with holly to continue to give the winter vacation feeling you are looking for.

A cozy living room for Christmas

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The living room can be transformed into a cheerful and welcoming place for the holidays with very little effort most of the time. Place several candles in different corners of the room, add Christmas pillows and a faux fur rug. Hang a beautiful garland of lights on the edge of the fireplace.

The homemade star, built from branches and hung over the fireplace, is a great decoration. It is entirely possible to make your own Christmas decorations with a little imagination and a few accessories.

A little bonus: use recyclable and reusable materials for the following year, this will save you money and help the environment.

Merry Christmas!

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