What Christmas decoration for the living room?

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If you had to pick one room in the house to make Christmas feel like Christmas, it would be the living room or the dining room too. Most of the time, the living room is where the Christmas tree is located, which is the undisputed star of the celebrations. The living room gets into the holiday spirit with lots of different decorations. The traditional red and green decorations are always popular. Other colors are also trending now. How to make a wall look pretty for Christmas? How to put Christmas decorations on a beam? Here are some ideas to decorate your living room for the holidays.

A living room with a natural spirit for Christmas

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With fir branches hanging from the fireplace, a bouquet of eucalyptus or holly on the coffee table. A collection of miniature fir trees, pine cones, or a Christmas wreath made of moss and sticks. The options are many for a natural Christmas spirit in the living room. Small cone or star-shaped decorations are made of ceramic and wood, and hanging lights can be made of paper. The living room goes green for Christmas. Ecology is now a major focus.

Decorate the living room windows

They are one of the most common things people put in their windows for Christmas. Christmas lights make the place brighter, especially inside your home. When you place them inside your window frames, they give your view a bright outline. When they are hung around your windows and doors, they draw the eye every time the light moves. You can also place them inside the window to make it more interesting. String lights are ideal because they can be placed in any type of window. Like other light decorations, they give the room a magical look. Whether they are battery operated or traditional, flashing or fixed, Christmas lights can be easily attached. You can also wrap your curtains around a dry branch and hang it on the edges of your windows.

Decorate the living room coffee table

People think they're reserved for holiday tables, but centerpieces are a great way to decorate for a party without taking up too much space. In the living room, put a pretty party decoration in the middle of your coffee table. The easiest solution? Place a few Christmas-themed figurines, items like pine cones or eucalyptus branches. Add a candle in a candle jar on a wooden or gold metal tray. This is a small Christmas decoration that will immediately make your home feel like Christmas. In those stores that sell cheap Christmas decorations, it is easy to find cheap accessories.

A basket with Christmas ornaments

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The decorative storage basket has become an important part of our living rooms. We all have at least one, whether it's round or more traditional, wicker or natural fiber. Fill it with Christmas decorations to give it a holiday feel. To keep it stylish, make sure all the accessories are the same color. Choose sets that home improvement stores sell that have a few different ornaments in the same color.

A lighted garland under a bell

Another trendy decorating piece that can be used to decorate a small space for Christmas. Install a battery-operated LED garland light under a glass cloche in the middle of a table, on a windowsill or on a piece of furniture in the living room. Leave it on all night. It will give off a soft, fairy-tale light. If your bell is large enough, you can place a bear, reindeer or Santa on it to complete the look. You can also buy bells that have lights built into them.

Christmas linen on the sofa

Athena leather sofa made in Canada

Every Christmas you wear the same thing: festive pajamas, big reindeer print socks and watch three TV movies a day. To make it all work, you also need a room that matches the theme. Don't forget the living room sofa or chair. Whether you live in a studio or a house, there is a simple solution. Get a set of Christmas-themed linens. There are plaid pillows, checkered pillows and embroidered Christmas pillows. And your living room is ready to become a cozy place to spend Christmas.

Festive tableware as decoration

Every year, stores that sell Christmas decorations try to outdo each other with new holiday tableware. There are enough mugs, plates, bowls and other serving pieces to make up a veritable panoply for your holiday meals. Christmas mugs are not only useful, they can also serve as decoration. Place the mugs on a shelf where everyone can see them. This is a pretty and useful way to decorate for Christmas that doesn't take up much space.

A wreath on the living room wall

The Christmas wreath is usually hung on the door, but it can also be a trendy wall decoration in your living room. You can buy your wreath or make it yourself. Feel free to personalize it. It can match the color code you have chosen for your living room.

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