Which sofa to choose for reading

A reading chair is essential in every living space. Whether it is for relaxing, reading, crocheting or playing video games. It is a real decorative element of the space, both useful and elegant. Not sure how to choose your sofa? We have compiled a collection of sofas available for reading. A comfortable sofa for reading is ideal. A sofa is even better. Comfortable and cushioned, it offers a really soft cocoon. It allows for soothing hobbies. It can be placed in a bedroom, living room or even an office. It can allow you to spend hours absorbed in a book in your reading corner. One thing is certain: you must choose a model that is comfortable. The shape, the cover and the backrest are all factors to consider when choosing a model. Come quickly to discover the wide range of sofas available at Casavogue.

Which sofa shape to choose ?

The reading sofa, as said before, is a huge piece of furniture that requires a certain amount of space. Therefore, it is out of the question to place a huge meridian in a small studio or a living space of 7 m². You risk restricting circulation and visually cluttering the space. This is not the purpose of the reading sofa. It is meant to provide a place to rest. Consider measuring the length, width and depth of the model you have chosen. Feel free to trace it with tape at home to get a better idea of the space it will occupy.

Don't forget the ergonomics of the reading sofa

The reading chair is soft, comfortable and practical. The seat is padded for added comfort, and the backrest is adapted to your body shape. There are others with footrests. These allow you to lift and stretch your legs comfortably.

Again, this is highly dependent on the space available for installation. The higher-end versions include a power seat. This means you can use a remote control to adjust the tilt of your sofa. You can also occasionally activate a few options like a heated or massaging backrest.

For the padding, the "high resilience" foam is often considered the most comfortable. It is extensible and offers a semi-firm support to the seat. It also has the advantage of aging nicely. There is also bull-tex filling, which is light and durable. Softness is provided by down and semi-down. Finally, horsehair is used to fill chair arms and cushions.

The covering of the reading sofa

When it comes to the aesthetics of your reading sofa, you have many choices. Leather, synthetic, fabric... You don't have to give up comfort to get something great. However, you shouldn't neglect practicality. Some upholstery is more delicate than others and will not withstand frequent and prolonged sitting.

As you might expect, leather is by far the best aging material if properly cared for. Genuine leather is expensive, so keep that in mind when choosing your chair. However, in the long run, you will get your money's worth.

Synthetic materials have gained popularity in recent years. They are easy to maintain and much less expensive. They can be used in a bedroom, living room or even an office. They are resistant to stains and wear. They are sometimes softer than cotton.

Finally, cotton sofas are inexpensive and do not collect dust. However, it is delicate. You need to be extremely careful when caring for it. For example, you should avoid touching your chocolate covered fingers on the fabric. You might damage it permanently. There are however anti-stain treatments to preserve it.

What design for the reading sofa?

Vintage, modern, Scandinavian inspired. The reading sofa is available in a variety of styles and colors. You'll easily find a design that complements the rest of your home decor. To avoid a heavy visual impression, separate your sofa from your couch. Put it in a corner of the living room for a touch of elegance.

You can maintain visual consistency with the overall shape and feel of your room. You can add a touch of individuality by changing the material or color. If you have a dark velvet sofa, try a cognac-colored leather sofa. This will bring a cheerful touch to your interior. Or, if you have a plain sofa, consider a patterned chair for example.

Comfort and support of the reading sofa

sofa Flame de Charles David

A reading chair with spacious armrests can accommodate a book. To stretch your legs after a long day, you can choose a reading chair with a footrest. Some models also include an ottoman. These features can help reduce foot swelling and pain. Perfect if you are in a prolonged sitting position.

Buyers can also purchase the footrest separately. You can also opt for a fully reclining chair. Before buying a reading sofa, consider the depth of the seat. Chairs with a deep seat are ideal for tall users. or those who want to sit with their legs bent. A deep seat is suitable for people who like to change the settings of the chair. This helps to achieve the right sitting position.

Casavogue invites you to discover its wide range of reading sofas. Different models are available to suit everyone's taste.

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