How to set up a feng shui lounge?

Feng shui is a practice that consists in arranging one's environment to improve one's life. The goal is to feel happy in your home. This Chinese art of living can be used in all spaces, but especially in the living room. It will be much more favorable to relaxation as the central point of the house. In this article, Casavogue gives you precious tips to arrange your feng shui salon. Find out more immediately below.

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How to define feng shui?

Feng shui translates as "wind" and "water". These are two vital components of life. Feng shui is a Chinese lifestyle that aims at harmony between man and his environment. This thousand-year-old art is based on the idea that interior decoration influences people's lives. Its objective is to produce a harmonious whole. While balancing the energies in the house. This helps to promote health and well-being. Feng shui is mainly concerned with chi, yin and yang, and the five elements.

1-      What is chi?

Chi is an invisible energy that links the elements. It enters the house through the doors and leaves through the windows. The arrangement of furniture in a feng shui room must be carefully considered. This allows chi to flow harmoniously.

2-      What is yin and yang?

Feng shui is also based on the balance of opposing energies. This is called yin and yang. In nature, these opposing forces coexist. They are the source of the life force. Interior design and decoration must blend these two energies to achieve harmony.

3-      How to define the 5 elements?

It is essential to understand how to use the five elements. The goal is to maintain the balance of yin and yang. The five elements are fire, water, wood, metal and earth. These elements have various effects on different facets of life. Earth affects stability or security. Fire affects sensuality or power. Water affects emotion or serenity. Certain pairs, such as water and wood, earth and metal, or fire and wood, are to be favored. This to create an interior conducive to well-being. Others, on the other hand, are not recommended, like water and earth, wood and metal, or fire and water. You can't mix all the elements together.

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The circulation of energies

Clutter and congestion in the area should be eliminated. This allows for the smooth flow of chi in the living room. Anything that can attract Shar chi should be removed. These include triangular objects. But also plants with pointed leaves placed near the chairs. Furniture with very angular edges. A large living room should be partitioned with plants to minimize the loss of chi. Conversely, a small room should not contain too much furniture or objects.

Which furniture for a feng shui living room?

The lounge, being a place of rest and conviviality, must be pleasant. Sofas and armchairs with rounded lines. They must be manufactured in natural materials like linen, alcantara or leather. Perfect for adhering to the principles of feng shui. Sofas should be placed against the wall and around the central point of the room. This point can be a coffee table, a fireplace, etc. All this to promote conviviality and discussion. However, it is not recommended to place them back to the door. In feng shui, a fireplace is frequently adapted to produce a feeling of well-being. While bringing warmth to the area. However, it must be used regularly. Plants or heavy objects should be placed on each side of the fireplace when it is not in use. This prevents chi from dispersing through the flue. Closed storage units are chosen to preserve order. This also ensures that the harmony of the room is not disturbed.

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What lighting for a feng shui living room?

Since the living room is a versatile space, it is best to use adjustable lighting. This allows you to create different atmospheres. For quiet times, modest lighting is recommended. Opt for strong light for the reading area or conversation sections. In this space, natural light is also appreciated. Therefore, it is recommended to create openings to the outside to let the light in.

Which decorative objects for a feng shui living room?

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The placement of decorative elements in a feng shui living room must be carefully considered. It is important to remember that most objects symbolize something in themselves. They evoke mental or emotional responses. Objects that are considered beautiful and practical inspire beauty and peace. These should be favored when designing a place. Objects that depict something evil, such as battle scenes or weapons, should be avoided. Depictions of fierce animals are also inappropriate in a feng shui living room. To allow chi to circulate, place a miror in your salon. Be careful, it must be placed in the right way. This means that it must be able to reflect a positive image. To do this, simply position your mirror in front of a plant. You can also choose to place a positive picture in front. Be careful not to place a mirror facing the front door especially.

What are the colors of feng shui?

The design of a feng shui living room is also influenced by the color. This can be chosen according to personal preference. However, the principles of this way of life require the use of basic colors. Colorful and complex wallpapers are not recommended. It is also not recommended to paint all the walls with a yang color like red. The latter promotes tension and aggressiveness. The use of too light colors such as gray or white should be avoided. The objective is to permanently preserve the yin-yang balance. All this with a good harmony of colors.

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