What bed for a guest room?

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Your home has ample space for a guest room. This is a room that is normally left empty to accommodate visitors staying in your home. And if the layout is not a problem, what about the bedding? Because the people who will live there will have different requirements. What is the best option for the guest room between a sofa bed, a good mattress and a real bed? Don't worry, there are many options to ensure the comfort of your guests. Our Montreal furniture store Casavogue offers a wide selection of beds for your friends.

The Sofa Bed

Most families have a sofa bed. It is a piece of furniture that can be transformed and represents a good investment for a guest room. Indeed, you benefit from a double use furniture. Thus, the sofa bed will be as well in the guest room as in the living room. Contrary to popular belief, the sofa bed offers a certain level of comfort. However, this often depends on the range. Mattresses for sofa beds, meanwhile, are different from conventional mattresses on the market. The mattress chosen is determined by the use of the sofa bed. A mattress with a three-piece fold is recommended for a regular sleep. The best option is to opt for a foam, latex or high resilience mattress. The recommended thickness is 10 cm. Folding in two halves is recommended for exceptional sleeping. With a thickness of 7 cm, the foam mattress remains ideal. Note a lifespan of 5 to 10 years for a sofa bed mattress.

A real bed for the guest room

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If the guest room is large enough, a real bed can usually be installed. The size will be determined by your budget and the size of the room. In this case, choose a universal mattress. The advantage of this type of mattress is that it can accommodate all types of sleepers. That is to say, it takes into account both the morphology and the sleeping references. These mattresses are often made of high density polyurethane foam. This is why they are so comfortable. These beds are also breathable, hypoallergenic and have removable covers.

How do I choose a full bedroom bed for my friends?

When choosing your bedding, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Springs: they allow the mattress to breathe while providing comfort. You have the option of using either multi-springs or pocket springs. The former offer sufficient support and ventilation. The latter offer the same benefits but allow you to wake up at night without waking the person sleeping next to you.
  • Combi-beds come in traditional, memory foam, polyurethane and latex. Traditional beds are reserved for special occasions. The "memory foam" ones follow the contours of the body. Polyurethane beds are more rigid. Finally, latex gives the impression of great solidity.

A quality mattress for the guest room

If you don't know anything about bedding, it can be difficult to choose a high-end mattress. Be wary of low-priced mattresses, even in a guest room. These mattresses generally do not absorb moisture or breathe properly. The mattress should help you lower your body temperature. Indeed, our body temperature drops by one degree during the night. Also take note of the CTB certification of the bedding. This will help you determine the quality of the mattress. Do not hesitate to ask questions to the salesmen and to test the product. The mattress should be suitable for daily use in terms of warmth, humidity, sleep time, crushing in relation to the weight of the person, etc.

The choice of the bed base for a complete guest room

The box spring is primarily determined by the mattress. When you replace your mattress, you should also replace your box spring. A defective box spring could reduce the quality of your mattress. There are several types of box springs available on the market. First, there are the fixed box springs. These are the most traditional and come in the form of springs, slats or flexible slats. Spring bases allow the bed to be more flexible. Slatted bases offer great ventilation as well as great flexibility thanks to the flexible slats. Hinged bed bases are in the second category. These are electrically operated slatted bases. The backrest can be raised and adjusted according to your needs.

The third type is beds with built-in storage. This is the latest technology and is ideal for people who have a small guest room. The box spring is meant to be stored at all times. When choosing a box spring, always base your decision on your mattress. In general, the salesperson will always recommend a box spring that will fit your mattress perfectly.

A small guest room with limited space

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If you don't have a separate room for your friends that's okay. You can easily create a cozy sleeping space in the living room by using a sofa bed. Its design is getting nicer and nicer. Compact for small spaces or larger, fabric or leather, with more or less comfortable mattresses. There are many models of guest beds to suit all needs and budgets.

Adaptability: a must for the guest room

A mattress for the entire guest room must be able to adapt to all morphologies. A universal mattress is a practical choice because it easily adapts to all your friends. It is a high density polyethylene foam product. It provides firm and progressive comfort, regardless of height, weight or preferred sleeping position. This mattress also has the advantage of being hypoallergenic and breathable.

We invite you to discover our range of guest rooms available at our Casavogue furniture store in the heart of Montreal.

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