How to set up your condo

The big day has arrived: you will soon move into your new condo. How can I make it elegant and harmonious? While making the most of the available space? It is possible to renovate a condo. Here are some ideas from Casavogue to make your condo development a success.

Space optimization

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The main challenge in a new condo is the amount of space available. Spacious apartments in large cities are not only rare, but also expensive. In Canada, the average size of new housing is 69 m², compared to 80.8 m² for old housing. The smaller the housing, the closer we get to the big cities. Therefore, living in Montreal means having a smaller home than in the countryside.

Maximizing your available space is possible, and there are several simple strategies and tips. To start, you can save space and comfort by replacing traditional doors with sliding doors.

Then, try to maximize each space, even if it means deviating from its primary function. A closet that holds multimedia equipment (television, sound bar, TV box, etc.). A desk, a folding bed that can be stored in the ceiling. Chairs that can be stored under the dining room table. A table that folds up against the wall. Finally, don't be afraid to knock down walls to open up a kitchen to the living room. Don't hesitate to remove an unnecessary passageway to expand a space. Spacious and wider rooms will allow you to move around your condo with ease.

The furniture of your condo

At Casavogue, we offer furniture suitable for penthouse or townhouse style houses, but also condo furniture such as loveseat, table top or medium size bed. All you have to do is to be in good company to benefit from the best advice to furnish your apartment. Our sales consultants can guide you on the choice of furniture. You can measure the parts you want to furnish for your appointment with our experts.

Work in your condo

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To optimize the space, you can choose to repaint some rooms with light colors to make them feel more spacious. Choose wall-mounted storage units. Choose multi-functional furniture, such as chests or ottomans that offer both comfort and storage space. Make sure you use the full height of the wall by choosing tall furniture or building your own shelves. Choose useful items for the living room and try to choose things that don't clutter the space.

To keep the living room open, avoid placing objects on the floor and instead choose a modest side table.

For the bedroom, you can opt for a loft bed that retracts into the wall. Some models have drawers to save space and storage.

Finally, make the most of natural light sources to create a light and airy atmosphere in your condo. For this, place mirrors strategically. Their reflections will help to illuminate your spaces.

White should be used on walls, beams, doors and ceilings. Choose colors that you like and that suit you. Do not hesitate to be inspired by the "Do It Yourself" methods that are found everywhere on the Internet. You can bring personality to your home while limiting costs.

A tailor-made library for readers

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Keep your pile of books in a specific cabinet. Why not create a custom bookcase? Whether it's a corner bookcase or a wall bookcase, it will be the focal point of your living space. This storage unit can be transformed into a real cocooning reading corner, in addition to bringing character to the room. A rug, a velvet armchair, a pedestal table, and some lamps. Here is your reading corner!

Don't forget the corners of the condo

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Many underutilized areas may exist in a condo. But, with a little imagination, they can be transformed into highly functional and beautifully appointed environments. Why not, for example, turn an alcove or a corner of a room into a modest office? A dressing room can also be installed along a hallway. It may not be a showroom, but it will at least house your clothes, which will no longer be scattered. Finally, if you have a front door, optimize storage by installing hooks, a few shelves and a thin console. Then have fun decorating it to make it a unique living space.

The practicality for the bathroom

Very often, a small condo implies a smaller bathroom. Therefore, it is essential to optimize the space and make it as functional as possible. Of course, a shower is preferable to a bathtub in order to save square meters. Choose a vanity and a wall-hung toilet to free up floor space, which is a serious advantage for easier cleaning. Finally, to reflect the light, put a recessed faucet and a large horizontal mirror.

Casavogue invites you to visit its online store. You will find many different furniture and decorations for your condo.

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