Buffet By Connubia

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Password buffet by Connubia: this elegant and modern piece of furniture has 3 compartments and 3 doors without handle, equipped with a pressure opening system and a magnet. The doors are covered with PVC that matches the color of the furniture structure. The closed base, 7 cm high, is slightly raised in relation to the shape of the sideboard. Each compartment is equipped with a transparent tempered glass shelf. A practical and stylish piece of furniture for our home!


Connubia Brand
Sideboard with 3 compartments and 3 doors
Handle-less doors with snap and magnet opening system
PVC matched to the color of the structure
Closed base
Clear tempered glass shelf for each compartment

DIMENSIONS (Width x Depth x Height) :

185 cm (73") x 52 cm (20.5") x 80 cm (31.5")

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