Sectional sofa By Max Divani

$9,295.00 CAD $11,700.00 CAD

Color Beige
🚚 Made-to-measure (5-6 months).

The Max Divani Panuma leather sectional sofa embodies elegance and comfort. Inspired by nature, its design evokes the softness of flower petals. With quality Italian craftsmanship, this divan offers an enveloping and luxurious seating experience, thanks to its generous upholstery and form-sculpting vertical seams. Available in leather or fabric, it will add a refined touch to your space.

  • The design of the Panuma leather sectional sofa is inspired by the softness of flower petals, creating an elegant, organic aesthetic
  • Its generous padding and warm seat offer ultimate comfort
  • Made in Italy, this divan reflects exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Available in leather or fabric, to match your personal style

Dimensions (Width x Length x Height)

131" (332cm) x 41" (104cm) x 30" (76cm)

The color of the products may vary from monitor to monitor. Contact Us for more information

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