How to design an inviting condo dining room space

Condos typically feature an open concept space, which translates into a sense of unity and interconnectedness. Since there aren't really separate rooms, it has to be designed in such a way that the different spaces of the dwelling are clearly defined. At the same time, however, it is also important to keep a certain flow between the spaces.
Sounds complicated? At first glance, perhaps, but you only need to follow a few guidelines to get it right. The dining room is perhaps the most complicated room in a condo and that's why we focus on it in this article!

Clearly define your condo dining room

To create an inviting dining room space in your condo, you first need to define it from the other areas of your open space. Of course, the center of your space will be the dining table, but this alone will not be enough to create an inviting dining area.
Try to add something to reinforce the impression that the table is the center of its own space. For example, you can place a hanging light above the table, or incorporate an eye-catching centerpiece.
This will make you feel like you have a dining space in your open concept condo, rather than a dining table in your living room.

Consider a light dining room when designing your condo

Since the space available for a dining room is rather limited in a condo, try to opt for furniture that inspires a light touch. Optimize the available space by choosing a round table, which will save you from cluttering up the room. If possible, prioritize light colors: a transparent glass table gives the impression of taking up less space than a dark lacquered wood table.
You can also choose minimalist chairswith little or no decorative elements. Since you don't have a ton of space at your disposal and since chairs are not the main element of your dining space, you should opt for simplicity. Likewise, avoid armchairs, which take up more space in width.

Furnish your dining room while respecting the harmony of your condo

This last point may seem contradictory, but keep in mind the impression of unity of your condo when defining your dining room space. Choose a color palette for the entire condo and use it for each space, be it the kitchen, living room or dining room. Changing colors too abruptly from one area to another can overload the overall aesthetics of your condo, making it lose its charm.

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