Milan Furniture Fair: Casavogue prepares for the 2024 edition

Visit Milan Furniture Fair also known as the Salone del Mobile, is the must-attend event for design and interior design enthusiasts from all over the world.

Every year, this prestigious show attracts thousands of industry professionals, from emerging designers to major international brands, to present the latest trends and innovations in furniture and design.

In this article, we dive into the world of the Milan Furniture Fair, what it represents, what you can find there, and Casavogue's role in this major event.

The city of Milan

What is the Milan Furniture Fair?

The Milan Furniture Fair is one of the largest and most influential design industry events in the world. Founded in 1961, it is held every April in Milan, Italy, and attracts over 300,000 visitors from more than 160 countries.

Designers, architects, buyers, design enthusiasts... It's renowned as the place to discover the latest trends, technological innovations and boldest creations in furniture and interior design.

What you'll find

At the Milan Furniture Fair, visitors can discover a wide variety of exhibits, stands and events showcasing the best of global design.

Internationally renowned brands such as Max Divani, Calligaris and Alf italia present their new collections of furniture, accessories, lighting and textiles, offering visitors an exclusive insight into upcoming trends in the world of design.

Special exhibitions, lectures and art installations complete the program, offering an immersive and inspiring experience for all design enthusiasts.

Casavogue's role at the Milan Furniture Fair

For many years now, Casavogue has been an active participant in the Milan Furniture Fair, as a visitor in search of cutting-edge innovations.

So, David Territo, president of Casavogue and son of company founder Calogero Territo, and his wife Liv Siv-ing will be flying to Milan in April 2024, not only to meet their brands already present in Montreal, but also to unearth new ones to bring here to Quebec.

As one of Montreal's leading furniture and interior design brands, Casavogue takes advantage of this event to connect with industry professionals from around the world.

David Territo and Stefano Bonavita

This was the case at last year's Salon du meuble 2023, where David and Liv met with Stefano Bonavita the designer of one of Max Divani's trendiest sofas, the leather reclining sofa Bomber. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and understand his vision of design, as well as to discover his first sketches on paper, before designing the Bomber.

The show also offers Casavogue the opportunity to discover new talent, spot emerging trends and forge strategic partnerships with other industry players.

By 2024, Casavogue aims to position itself as North America's best-known home furnishing and decorating destination, and the Salon du meuble continues year after year to be the essential springboard for moving in this direction and continuing to inspire its clientele.

Highlights of the Milan Furniture Show

The Milan Furniture Fair is much more than just a commercial event; it's a celebration of design in all its forms. By bringing together the world's brightest creative minds, it plays a crucial role in setting trends and standards for the design industry.

For Casavogue, it's a valuable opportunity to connect with the global design community, share expertise and draw inspiration from the latest innovations to continue offering exceptional furniture and interior design collections here in Montreal.

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