Trends in design, furniture and colors in 2024 a vision of the future

The world of interior design and furniture is constantly evolving, reflecting the cultural, technological and social influences of our time.

As we enter the year 2024, it's time to explore the trends that will shape our living spaces over the coming months.

From color palettes to innovative materials and emerging styles, let's discover together what's in store for the world of design in 2024.

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Colors of the year: towards nature and serenity

Colors play a central role in creating the mood of a space. In 2024, we're seeing a return to hues inspired by nature and tranquility, in contrast to previous years dominated by bold, bright palettes. Here are some of the year's leading colors:

Wild green:

Green, the symbol of growth and renewal, is omnipresent in 2024. Shades ranging from olive to forest green are particularly popular.

Designers incorporate elements of nature, such as houseplants, to create a soothing atmosphere.

Dark and icy blues:

Dark blue brings a touch of sophistication to the home's interior. It recalls the immensity of the night sky and the soothing sound of water. Used on walls, furniture or textiles, deep blue adds timeless elegance.

Whereas icy blue recalls Nordic landscapes and the calm of the cold. It's a color you'll be seeing a lot of this year.

Peach pink:

This lively color with a vintage feel will brighten up your decor and add a sparkling touch.

Lovers of kitsch and retro decor will appreciate using this color in their sofa, on their walls or even in decorative accessories.

Neutral shades:

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Classic neutrals such as beige, grey and white remain popular, but are reinvented with subtle textures and tonal variations. Natural materials like linen and wool accentuate the warmth of these hues.

Sustainable and responsible materials

Sustainability continues to be at the heart of design in 2024. Consumers are increasingly sensitive to the environmental impact of their choices. Sustainable, eco-friendly materials are therefore in the spotlight:

Recycled wood:

Recycled wood is a major trend. Reclaimed wood furniture brings a touch of authenticity and history to your space.

Vegan leather:

Vegan leather is gaining in popularity as an ethical alternative to animal leather. It's used to make sofas, chairs and accessories, offering a luxurious look without compromising on values.

Local materials:

The use of local and nearby materials is gaining ground, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting products. Natural materials such as stone, ceramics and terracotta are particularly popular.

Emerging styles: Eclecticism and maximalist minimalism

In 2024, diversity reigns supreme, and eclecticism is in the spotlight. Designers play with a mix of styles, blending modern and traditional, minimalism and opulence. Four trends stand out:

Maximumist minimalism:

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Minimalism remains, but is evolving into maximalist minimalism, characterized by sleek yet bold design pieces. High-quality materials and subtle details take center stage.

Vintage and retro style:

The love affair with vintage persists, with a preference for furniture from the 70s and 80s.

Vintage pieces are renovated and integrated into modern interiors to create a unique mix and contrast to decor that can sometimes be too modern.


Curved, organic shapes are at the heart of interior design in 2024. From sofas and tables to lighting fixtures and rugs, curves bring visual and tactile softness.

This trend evokes a feeling of comfort and well-being. Materials such as curved wood, rattan and curved metal are favored to create furniture with harmonious lines.

Soft colors and rounded patterns contribute to a soothing atmosphere.

Minimalist elegance

Minimalist elegance is also in the spotlight in 2024. This trend emphasizes simplicity, functionality and visual clarity. Clean lines, neutral colors and quality materials characterize this style.

Furniture and accessories are distinguished by their sobriety, creating a clean, balanced space. Less is more, and elegance lies in the subtle details.

One of the main strengths of these trends is their complementarity. Curves bring a touch of warmth to minimalist elegance, while the latter offers visual balance to organic forms.

Together, they create a modern, timeless interior design.

Nature at the heart of inspiration

In conclusion, nature remains a major source of inspiration in 2024. Organic materials, biomorphic forms and floral and wildlife elements are found in many designs. Indoor gardens and terrariums are gaining in popularity, bringing a touch of greenery and tranquility to our spaces.

Finally, 2024 promises to be a period of diversity and creativity in the world of interior design and furniture. Soothing colors, sustainable materials, eclectic styles and technological innovation are all trends on the horizon.

By combining these elements with a renewed appreciation of nature, we create living spaces that are beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly. Get ready to rethink your interior and welcome these exciting trends into your home in 2024.

Your interior is a reflection of your style and values, and this year's trends offer countless possibilities for creating a space that reflects you.

Casavogue continues to offer you furniture that follows current trends and can be customized to suit your tastes and your furnishing and design projects.

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