Our tips for matching furniture size to a home's rooms

Choosing your furniture is a long and precise process and not necessarily obvious at first. To succeed in moving in, it is important to have certain elements in mind! Our article offers you a small summary of the questions when choosing furniture!

To begin with, the first element to take into account is the surface area of the different rooms in which they will be distributed.

Optimizing a Condo

A condo will not have the same possibilities as a house. In fact, for apartment furniture,we recommend that you choose small-sized furniture. 

One of the things to keep in mind when moving into a condo is to optimize storage space as much as possible: all nooks and crannies to save space are good! 

The coffee table

For example, you can furnish the living room of your condo with furniture such as an elegant and small coffee table like our model Morrocco. Design, small and elegant, its marble and golden brass will make their effect in your condo!

The buffet

And for optimal storage, the  Lake buffet 

Lake wooden and ceramic sideboard made in Italy

from the Italian brand Calligaris is a good compromise between contemporary decoration and functionality. With its oval shape, your decoration will undoubtedly stand out. 


In a completely different style and always with the aim of saving space or storing your stuff, the curios are the ideal element to store but at the same time bring a slender touch with a transparent window.

This is the case with the curio Metropolis from the Italian brand Tomasella, with its two large glass doors and a storage drawer on the lower level. Store your bulky accessories and display your most beautiful and valuable dishes. This way, you'll save space and enhance your decor in one piece of furniture.

Curio made of Tomasella metropolis wood

The Sofa

Moreover, for your condo, we advise you to choose 2 or 3 seater sofas such as loveseats.

Why? They perfectly reconcile comfort and space saving in your living room.

The Bolla model from the Italian brand Max Divani will please the nostalgic of the vintage style that is back in fashion this season!

In a more contemporary and modern atmosphere, the Grant recliner also from Max Divani, offers a modern style with a two-material upholstery: leather on the arms and fabric for the seats and backs. A contrast that adds character to your living room.

The Armchairs

One of the possible options and very appreciated especially for a condo: the armchairs. Whether they are electric, reclining, with a large seat or an adjustable cushion, they are appreciated for the minimal space they take up without neglecting your comfort!

The Sonoma model

Sonoma Leather Swivel and Reclining Chair

from Quebec's Charles David is a combination of comfort, solidity and modernity. Available in several colors and electrically reclining, bring cheerfulness to your living room and enjoy an incredible comfort. In summary, it all depends on the surface of the rooms in your apartment, but optimizing the use of the rooms is possible, it's all a question of optimization and visualization.

Home furnishings

For a house, the available surface can allow to arrange much larger furniture, and leaves room for greater possibilities.

The Bedroom

If your room is larger then you can take some liberties with the size of the bed! Wide and high models can then be considered, like the Cube model from Charles David.

Another style and another atmosphere, the Edmond complete bedroom from the Quebec brand Huppé will delight lovers of the minimalist and pure style. Depending on the layout of your room, you can also add a curio, a bench at the end of the bed or even wall shelves to save space on the floor. The possibilities are numerous

The dining room

For the dining room, the table will be the starting point to continue and arrange the rest of the room. A table that seats 8-10 people can be a possibility if you have a very spacious dining room or are a large family. The Tower model is ideal and is made of 2 timeless materials: wood and glass. For an apartment, choose again the card of optimization and prefer round tables, always with the aim of circulating properly around.

The Vortex model by Calligaris is perfect for apartment dining rooms. Its base is worthy of a work of art that you would want to display in your home.

Whether you're moving into a condo or a house, the main thing to remember is to always keep the furniture sizes consistent with the available space!

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