What to choose between a large dining table or a perfectly decorated table?

It is not always easy to distinguish between the functionality of a piece of furniture and its aesthetics! The debate is vast and not everyone has the same priorities! Our article gives you a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the two possibilities.

To start, a small and well decorated table can be a good case in the case of a restricted room. The table then has a more suitable format and visitors have space to move around. The great asset lies above all in the decoration! Indeed, a neat decoration is always pleasing to the eyes.

It makes you want to stay longer in the dining room and attests to the good taste of its owner. From a financial point of view, the purchase of a table depends above all on the surface of your house or condo. The key is to find a pleasant table that will bind effortlessly in the room concerned. However, if your table seems small compared to the available space, you can very well fill it with decoration! With beautiful ornaments, it will go unnoticed!

A large dining table is a substantial piece of furniture that is sure to impress and ensure the total comfort of your guests! Of course, having a suitable surface is imperative. The question to ask is above all whether this investment will be properly profitable.

Are dinners with around ten people frequent? It can be a perfect alternative in the case of a family home. From a budgetary point of view, the price is likely to be expensive. Therefore, for this alternative it is imperative to consider the available budget, the potential profitability and the available surface. If the 3 points match then you will not regret it!

And to illustrate these possibilities, here are 3 tables with different styles and functions, through which you will be able to project yourself into your interior.

1- La Rachelle dining table by Michael Amini

ensemble de salle a manger La Rachelle table et chaises blanches

With its glamorous chic style, its champagne dress and its golden details, the dining table of the Aico group easily accommodates 8 to 10 people , ideal for large families or regular dinner parties. Its rounded corners invite conviviality and to enjoy the moments when we meet for longer. It will also suit medium to spacious dining rooms, to dress this room with a touch of elegance.

2 - The Cartesio dining table by the Italian brand Calligaris

ensemble de salle a manger Cartesio, table ronde

We no longer present the famous Italian brand Calligaris and its furniture that looks like works of art. Here, the Cartesio dining table, round and medium in size, is ideal for smaller dining rooms, for a couple for example. Its round shape allows you to create several layouts according to your dining room. Featuring nuanced beige marble, it brings softness and modernity to your interior. In addition, you will be able to focus and attract attention with minimalist accessories in the center of the table; flowers, candles or even vases, have fun!

3 - The Adelle dining table by the Quebec brand Charles David

Ensemble de salle a manger Adelle Table en verre contemporaine

A tempered glass top, a chrome base and two tulip-shaped parts, this dining table has everything to please and suit medium-sized dining rooms. Able to accommodate 6 to 8 people , it brings character to your interior and offers many layout possibilities thanks to its glass top which goes well with several styles of decoration: Modern, classic, contemporary, baroque... Imagine a friendly and welcoming, with a different decoration according to your desires.

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