Couch cleaning 101: 4 smart tips

How to properly clean your sofa?

Do you regularly clean your sofa? Central piece of your home living room your couch sofa is a place of relaxation and sharing. This daily use makes itone of the most solicited pieces of furniture in your home and therefore one of those that can be stained the most quickly.
How to clean and care for it? What are the tips to use to avoid damaging your sofa? We tell you everything! Here are our 4 couch cleaning tips.

1. Properly dust when cleaning a couch

For fabric sofas, we advise you to start by removing the dust present on your furniture. Do this with a vacuum cleaner, rather than a damp cloth. A cloth can leave marks on your sofa.

2. Be careful with the materials of your sofa

If your sofa has a slipcover, remove it and read the washing instructions carefully to avoid any incident. For the frequency of washing, it is up to you to adapt it according to the use you make of your furniture and your lifestyle.
In case your sofa is not removable, it is a manual cleaning of sofa which is necessary!
If your sofa is made of leather, pay special attention to its maintenance. Avoid chemical products that can damage this material. The same goes for the use of water, which can quickly create stains on your sofa.

3. Choosing your stain remover

Be careful, before launching into the complete washing of your sofa, test the stain remover. Use it on a hidden part of your furniture. You will be able to check if your fabric discolors, drools or changes texture. It is preferable to use a natural detergent, without chemicals, to avoid damaging the appearance of the furniture.
Once this test is done, you can start washing your sofa.

4. Drying

Once the cleaning of the sofa is done, do not neglect the drying of the furniture. This step is done either with an absorbent cloth or a hair dryer. By drying it, you avoid the development of moisture stains.
Discover also how to clean lacquered furniture without damaging it. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact a professional who will be able to guide you.

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