Some tips for a successful minimalist decor

Minimalist decorating has been an unavoidable trend in our interiors for several years. With its motto 'Less is more', it focuses on the essentials in terms of decoration, but not only.
With a few tips, you can easily adopt the minimalist style and incorporate it into your home in no time. Follow the guide.

What is a minimalist decoration?

Born in the United States in the 1960s, minimalism is a movement born in reaction to overconsumption. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, we bet on refined decorations to refocus on what is important.

Minimalist decoration: what are its characteristics?

The minimalist style is characterized by a few codes: sober colors, refined furniture and a special attention to detail, all to create harmony in your space.

The choice of a limited color palette

In the minimalist decor, we use a simple and neutral color palette. The emphasis is on gray, beige, white and their variations.
To contrast, you can use stronger colors in touches to wake up the whole. Of course, we avoid multiplying them to keep a visual harmony.

Clean lines

For your storage furniture, the best is to choose them with simple lines that can take place in any interior.
In the minimalist decor, we pay attention to the durability and quality of the furniture we choose. We invest in beautiful furniture, preferably in natural materials, which will last over time and avoid overconsumption.
Beyond the visual aspect, the choice of furniture with clean lines will also avoid the weariness of a design too marked.

Attention to detail

The minimalist decoration style is not monotonous. Sure, the color palette is limited, but you can have fun with the decorative elements. This is where your personal touch can be fully expressed.
A colorful frame, a knick-knack with character or a decorative rug, it is these carefully chosen details that make the difference in the minimalist style. They reflect your personality and make your home unique, so don't neglect them.
With these tips, you're ready to get started with minimalist decorating by juggling purification and personalization.

Renovate your bathroom with minimalist decor

It's best to use minimalism sparingly in the bathroom. If you do, you risk ending up with a room that is too cold. It is best to play with colors such as gray, beige and some touches of black. Marble and wood can beautify the space.
Gray walls, a slate gray sink and a white island tub are perfect for a minimalist style bathroom. Products can also be poured into containers or vases of similar colors.
Furniture with clean lines and cabinets without handles and knobs are preferred.

Decorate your dining room with minimalist decor

To decorate your dining room and living room with a minimalist style, it is best to first get rid of objects that are too bulky. Furniture is reduced to the bare minimum.
The most practical method is to completely empty all the furniture and repaint the walls in a sober color. The furniture is then installed to create a bright, spacious and functional space.
Then choose uncluttered furniture. The minimalist Anais chair for example, shows the best of the minimalist aesthetic with a contemporary influence.

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