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We sometimes receive calls or emails from customers who feel that their furniture is defective. However, it often turns out to be normal material, engineering or aesthetic features.

Here is a list of the most common questions and answers regarding your purchase:

1. Why are there creases in the leather or fabric or is the foam sunken?

2. Why does the leather have irregularities?

3. Are the seams or sections not aligned?

4. Is the recliner or battery not working?

5. Doors or drawers not aligned properly?

6. Is the furniture the wrong color?

1. Why are there creases in the leather or fabric or is the foam sunken?

The appearance of wrinkles in the leather or fabric is a common phenomenon that ensures your comfort from the first time you use it. In fact, these are often referred to as "comfort wrinkles". At the time of manufacture, the upholstery is stretched over the high density spongy foam surface and the type of material, engineering of the furniture and its use determine the amount of rippling in the upholstery.

For the first three months, the high density foam padding softens and sags slightly by an inch and then stabilizes. The first few times we sit down, our weight causes the micro-cells that make up the foam to break down. A slight sagging of the foam with slight folds in the cover is quite natural.

Packaging and transportation can cause temporary and vague deformations of the leather/fabric, so it is a matter of smoothing the surfaces with the hands and sometimes reshaping the padding to reduce them

See the attached example and video: Shaping the product

2. Why does leather have irregularities?

Leather is a natural material. What may appear to be defects are in fact normal marks in the animal's hide that illustrate the authenticity of the coating. These marks are very often scars or insect bites. Or it may be a scar from a cow rubbing against barbed wire, often looking remarkably like a scratch.

3. Seams or sections do not line up?

Your sofa may have a difference in alignment at the seams and also between modules or sections, this is due to the fact that your furniture is entirely handmade by craftsmen. This ensures a robust construction and long life and proof of authenticity and quality of the product. It is also important to take into account that furniture with different removable sections is slightly misaligned since it is not built in one block. Adjustments can be made to the alignment of the modules of a sofa. See the attached video: Module Alignment

4. Is the recliner or battery not working?

If the recliner does not work, check to see if it is plugged into a working outlet. Then unplug and replug the power cord. If it still doesn't work, check the various wire connections.

In case of abnormal noise, record and send us a short video of maximum 10 seconds.

In the case of battery operation, it is possible that the battery is not correctly connected on both sides. You can check this as in the example below:

5. Are the doors or drawers of the furniture not aligned?

The doors or drawers of furniture being sections with removable parts, the engineering of the furniture prevents in some cases a complete and perfectly symmetrical alignment without harming the beauty of the furniture. Hinges or rails may need to be adjusted. The furniture may also not be on a level surface.

6. The furniture is not the right color?

We will deliver your furniture according to the color and code chosen in store. However, it is common to notice slight variations between the color samples in store and the final result. Whether it is for wood, leather, vegan leather or fabric, the color from one batch of stain to another cannot be reproduced 100%. Variations can be caused by the type of lighting.

If this information has not satisfied your request, please include the following information in your service request to expedite your request:

  • Invoice number

  • Name on the invoice

  • A description of your request

  • 2 photos: one of the product in its entirety and one of the specific location close-up of the specific location.

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