Discover the Livoda barbecues: Delta, Puma, Pampa and Parana. Each product offers a unique cooking experience with specific features and functions. Whether you're looking for the versatility of the Delta, the fusion of style and performance of the Puma, the compact size of the Pampa or the essence of gaucha tradition with the Parana, our grills let you master the art of barbecuing. With quality materials, meticulous design and practical accessories, our Livoda grills guarantee tasty meals and unforgettable moments all summer long.

The authentic Argentinean barbecue

Livoda Puma

Discover Livoda Puma, a traditional handmade wood grill from Argentina. Thanks to its sturdy brazier and adjustable V-shaped grill, enjoy an authentic culinary experience. Its durability and aesthetics make it the ideal companion for summer barbecues.

  • Argentinian authenticity: Livoda Puma captures the essence of traditional Argentinian barbecuing, thanks to its handcrafted design.
  • Cooking versatility: Adjustable grill for varied cooking, from searing steaks to slow-cooking roasts.
  • Sturdiness and durability: Made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Attractive aesthetics: Its sleek design and quality stainless steel make it a visually pleasing centerpiece.

Discover Livoda Puma and enjoy authentic meals, while creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

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Master the art of barbecue

Livoda Delta

The Delta is designed for barbecue enthusiasts looking for an exceptional cooking experience. With its separate combustion chamber, adjustable height and refractory bricks, it offers optimal grilling performance.

  • Versatile combustion: The Delta lets you burn wood or charcoal in its separate combustion chamber, offering cooking flexibility.
  • Height control: The adjustable lever lets you easily manipulate the height of the grill.
  • Even heat distribution: Thanks to the refractory bricks on the bottom and sides, the Delta maintains and distributes heat efficiently. Enjoy even cooking every time.
  • Generous grilling surface: Enjoy 547 square inches.

Discover the Livoda Delta and perfect your grilling skills with this versatile, high-performance barbecue.


A versatile grill

Livoda Pampa

The Livoda Pampa is designed to offer a versatile grilling experience. Built with the quality and attention to detail characteristic of Livoda grills, the Pampa will deliver impressive culinary results.

  • Versatility: The Pampa lets you work with wood or charcoal thanks to its split grate.
  • Spacious grilling surface: With a surface area of 475 square inches.
  • Height control: The adjustable lever on the side lets you control the height of the grates.
  • Quality construction: Its base is lined with firebrick for even heat retention and distribution.

Discover the Livoda Pampa and let yourself be seduced by its versatility, build quality and design. Create tasty, memorable dishes with this barbecue.

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The gaucha tradition at home

Livoda Parana

The Livoda Parana is a versatile grill that draws its inspiration from the centuries-old tradition of the Argentine Gauchos.

  • Versatile combustion: The Parana features a separate firebox that allows you to burn wood or charcoal.
  • Compact size: With a grill area of approximately 173 square inches, the Parana is ideal for small spaces.
  • Quality construction: The Parana is built to last. Its separate firebox, lined with firebrick, improves heat retention and distribution for even, controlled cooking.
  • Convenient mobility: The Parana comes with its own cart equipped with large wheels, making it easy to move.

Enjoy authentic, delicious grilling. For those relaxing moments at home, the Parana offers an unrivalled culinary experience.


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