This Friday, March 25, 2022 we celebrated a great and beautiful moment in the history of Casavogue: its 50th anniversary. A great milestone for the furniture house that was born in 1972. And for this occasion, the whole team wanted to mark this day by putting the little dishes in the big; artistic animations with Montreal painters, music band for a cool/jazz atmosphere, buffet dinner, goodies... enough to treat all the guests who attended this event! We were also able to collect donations for the Canadian Cancer Society and thus contribute to this cause that is close to our hearts.

Mr. Frantz Benjamin, member of the National Assembly of Quebec, kindly addressed us these few words for our 50th anniversary. Josué Corvil and Nadine Pierre also honored us with their presence.

Casavogue 2022 Magazine

Casavogue has been a partner of the Canadian Cancer Society for several years now. Every year, thousands of people die from this disease.
For its 50th anniversary, Casavogue wishes to make things happen through the art of living and particularly the art of painting and furniture, in order to contribute to research.
Thanks to all donors, CCS-funded researchers are helping to prevent cancer, improve screening, diagnosis and treatment, and enable people with cancer to live better and longer. For example, 2 sofas customized by painters, are being auctioned here.
They start at 1000$, and we donate all the proceeds to the Society. You too can make a difference with us, and save lives.