Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing Casavogue for your purchase.

Your request will be reviewed by our after-sales team and an employee will contact you within 24 to 72 business hours.

We sometimes receive calls or emails from customers who believe their furniture is defective. Often, however, these are found to be normal characteristics of materials, engineering, or aesthetics.

Here are some recommendations to guide you about your product:

  1. If your article has irregularities in the leather, this is due to the original characteristics of the skins, such as: grain differences, stretching marks, scars or color variations.
  2. The leather may be irregular, collapsed, or even folded after the package has been removed. This is due to transport which will improve and disappear with time and use. It can also be readjusted with the simple shaping method on the attached example and video: Product shaping

  3. There may be a misalignment on your sofa or sectional, which is normal since there are sections and inclinations, moreover, a craftsman made the product entirely by hand. This is simply a guarantee of a single product and not a mechanically assembled industrial product. You can make some adjustments with the following video: Module Alignment
  4. For battery issues, it may not be connected properly, either to the source or to the output; as shown in the example in the image:

connexions électriques des meubles

If your request does not address the above recommendations, be sure to include the following information to expedite your request:

  • invoice number
  • Name on the invoice
  • A description of your request
  • 2 pictures: A picture of the product in its entirety and a second of the problem in close view.

Regarding abnormal noises, please send us a short video not exceeding 10 seconds.

Please do not overload our other social networks with a customer service request. Only requests sent by email will be processed by our team.

Your satisfaction is our priority and we are committed to responding to your requests as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thank you for trusting Casavogue.