BERTÈ - Franco Ferri - Canapé sectionnelBERTÈ - Franco Ferri - Canapé sectionnel


Canapé sectionnel

$7,595.00 CAD $9,500.00 CAD
PIENZA - Max Divani - SofaPIENZA - Casavogue - Max Divani - Sofa



$4,395.00 CAD $5,500.00 CAD
Fabien - Charles David - Canapé sectionnelFabien - Charles David - Canapé sectionnel


Canapé sectionnel

$3,795.00 CAD $4,800.00 CAD
YAMA - Max Divani - Canapé sectionnelYAMA - Max Divani - Canapé sectionnel


Canapé sectionnel

$9,195.00 CAD $11,500.00 CAD
PIAGGE - Charles David - Canapé sectionnelPIAGGE - Charles David - Canapé sectionnel


Canapé sectionnel

$5,595.00 CAD $7,000.00 CAD
Kacey - Charles David - Canapé SectionnelKacey - Casavogue - Charles David - Canapé Sectionnel


Canapé Sectionnel

$3,695.00 CAD $6,000.00 CAD
Evora - Casavogue - Charles David - Canapé sectionnelEvora - Charles David - Canapé sectionnel


Canapé sectionnel

$3,695.00 CAD $4,195.00 CAD
Lenon - Charles David - Canapé sectionnelLenon - Charles David - Canapé sectionnel


Canapé sectionnel

$2,995.00 CAD $3,495.00 CAD
Sospiro - Max Divani - CanapésSospiro - Max Divani - Canapés



Bonbon - Max Divani - SofaBonbon - Max Divani - Sofa



$4,095.00 CAD $4,595.00 CAD
Percy - Max Divani - SofaPercy - Max Divani - Sofa



CLIO - Charles David - Canapé sectionnelCLIO - Charles David - Canapé sectionnel


Canapé sectionnel

$4,295.00 CAD $5,400.00 CAD

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Casavogue helps you create a soothing and inviting environment to relax in after a long day. We offer a wide selection of living room furniture that combines style and comfort. Discover our wide range of unique and refined furniture, made of Italian, Quebec and Canadian pieces.

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