What is Japandi style?

It's simple, it's THE new decorating trend. It arrived a few years ago on Pinterest, and has slowly made its way into our homes. But what is the Japandi style? How to make it your own?

The Japandi style, a hybrid trend

A term derived from the contraction of 'Japan' and 'Scandinavia', this style is the combination of the warmth of Scandinavian decorations with the purity of the Japanese spirit.
More than a decoration trend, it is a philosophy of life. We are looking for calm, serenity and well-being in our home.
The Japandi trend has its roots in Wabi-Sabi. It is an aesthetic concept in the Japanese style that aims to return to the essential while accepting the imperfections.

Neutral colors are the key

In the Japandi style, we rely on neutral and relaxing colors. White, gray and beige are used for a soft atmosphere. The use of touches of dark colors, in muted tones such as midnight blue or forest green, enhances the whole.

Comfort and design of the Japandi style

The visual aspect is central in the Japandi style, but comfort is not left out. Indeed, we make our home a cocoon, in line with the hygge.
Choose rooms with clean lines. In Japandi decor, your room must be inviting to you. We prefer comfortable furniture, we bet on cushions or plaids and we do not forget the light which can change instantly the atmosphere of a room. Choose furniture with simple and soft curves.
Do not hesitate to mix elements of Scandinavian design with traditional Japanese style furniture. This can be, for example, a Swedish designer chair in the dining room or a futon in the bedroom.

Choosing the right materials

The choice of materials is crucial for objects, furniture and coverings. Above all, naturalness should be favored.
For the floor, we bet on light wood, but also on bamboo, cork and waxed concrete. For wall coverings, choose ecological paint. Panelling and plant fiber panels are also options.

Bringing nature into your home

Nature is more than present in the Japandi style. Bamboo, rattan, linen, wool or paper, these materials are preferred for the design of interior decoration.
Green plants are not to be put aside, they bring a touch of Zen that blends very well with the Scandinavian style.

Focus on minimalism

In the Japandi style, it is simple: we bet on minimalism while seeking harmony and authenticity in everyday life.
For accessories and decorative elements, we favor quality over quantity. We select a few pieces with character to create a clean and uncluttered environment. We focus on the essentials by sorting through the void, to create harmony. Leave your knick-knacks in the attic and focus on furniture that has a real function, all in a refined style.
With these few tips, you are ready to transform your home into a temple of Japandi style.

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