LaSalle College visits Casavogue

On Tuesday, May 30, 2023, the Casavogue furniture house was delighted to welcome students from Collège LaSalle in Montreal. A leading institution of higher learning offering programs in fashion design, interior design, graphic design and more. We are delighted to welcome the students with their teacher Mr. Ennio Barbuto.

History of LaSalle College

Jean-Paul Morin founded LaSalle College in 1959 from a family in the east end of Montreal. This young Canadian entrepreneur set himself the mission of providing the people of Quebec with career opportunities through education adapted to the needs of the job market.

The beginning

It all began in the LaSalle borough, from which the Collège takes its name. To meet the growing demand for administrative manpower at the time, the Collège offers its first secretarial program. The famous Speedwriting method was taught, as well as the Nancy Taylor charm and deportment courses.

Always on the lookout for the latest pedagogical trends, Mr. Morin went from innovation to success, adding more and more programs over the years. In 1962, he settled in downtown Montreal. Passionate about fashion and eager to innovate, Jean-Paul Morin created Canada's first fashion school in 1973. Its reputation continued to grow, and it became the largest fashion school in the country.

Thanks to his passion, dedication and generosity, he revolutionized the private college sector and paved the way for the development of the fashion industry. At the time, Quebec society was eager for change. This young entrepreneur set himself the mission of offering an education adapted to market needs.

Official recognition

In 1981, the Quebec Ministry of Education officially recognized the Collège as an educational institution of public interest. This was followed by a period of sustained growth, enabling the educational network to extend its activities to countries around the world, and to set up related services specifically tailored to the needs of its student population.

Since its beginnings in 1959, LaSalle College has never ceased to be at the forefront of training for the generation that will shape tomorrow's world. In 2019, LaSalle College celebrated 60 years of innovation, entrepreneurship and openness to the world!

LaSalle College's visit to Casavogue

Le Collège LaSalle en visite chez Casavogue

On Tuesday May 30, interior design students from LaSalle College visited our shopin as part of their furniture project: they had to find a piece of furniture, whatever it was: sofa, dining table, chair, end table or bedroom... and include it in a 3D project. They learned about different furniture styles and new trends in the furniture industry. We were delighted to welcome these talented and motivated students to discover our selection of top-quality furniture.

LaSalle College in Montreal is an institution of higher learning renowned for its interior design programs. Programs include a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) in Interior Design, a Technical College Program (DEC) in Interior Design, as well as Bachelor's programs in Interior Design.

The interior design programs offered by LaSalle College are designed to train interior design professionals. Their objective: to be able to design innovative and functional spaces.

Students learn to work with computer-aided design (CAD) tools to create layout plans. But also three-dimensional drawings and scale models. Students also develop their knowledge of materials, construction techniques, lighting and color.

More courses at LaSalle College

In addition to its Interior Design program, Montreal's LaSalle College also offers programs in other fields. You can study fashion design graphic design, hospitality and tourism or in the field of information technology. The college is renowned for its high-quality teaching and its commitment to innovation and excellence.


10 years ago, we were lucky enough to welcome the students of the Collège Lasalle class of 2013. And Mr Barbuto was one of them! Today, 10 years later, he was able to share his passion for interior design with his students. They were able to learn more about furniture thanks to the Casavogue furniture house.

Thank you and good luck!

We were delighted to welcome the interior design students from LaSalle College in Montreal for a special visit. We were also able to discuss various ideas for collaborative projects between Casavogue and Lasalle College, with the aim of raising awareness of the store as well as participating in the students' creative projects. We're convinced that their visit will help them move forward in their year of design study. We welcome them and hope their visit will be an enriching experience for them.

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