Furniture through the ages!

Furniture is a perfect illustration of the evolution of a society through the ages. By its materials, its appearance and its realization, it retranscribes the ideals of the historical period to which it belongs. 

Our article offers you an authentic trip back in time, to meet the past trends. Each historical period is expressed by very different furniture. 

The Antique period features simple furniture mainly made of stone and wood. The Orléans end table or the Galloway illustrate the style of the Ancient period, with ornaments on solid wood.

Antique solid wood console

A trend revived in the Medieval Age, with an emphasis on fabric. The golden age of furnishings comes in the heart of Modern Times, during the Classical Age. Louis XIV pushes Baroque to the center of trends, comfort, luxury and frills are the DNA of this period of splendor.

Baroque room of Louis 14

Chair Lizzo of the brand Charles David perfectly reflects the trendy codes of this period rich in history: a wooden base, a seat and a back covered with a fabric worked in details.

Par la suite, le fantasque style Rococo s’illustre également comme un pilier dans l’histoire du mobilier. Enfin, le mouvement Art Déco, né en 1920, allie le minimalisme, la finesse, la symétrie et le fonctionnel. Ce mouvement sera précurseur du mobilier Contemporain et du Design moderne.

Furniture of the art deco period

The foundation of our current trends! Today, furnishing fashions are varied, modern and unique to each society. However, many of the trends listed above are picked up and reinvented in our everyday lives. Baroque references are often found in luxury furniture, but not only!

If you observe carefully, you will notice that the sofa Botticelli Casavogue is a beautiful tribute to this fashion. In addition, the model Milo perfectly adopts the codes of the Art Deco design.

Finally, in recent years, decorative fashion is making a return to the origins by favoring natural materials such as stone, ceramic or wood.

This is the case of the Oliver dining table of the Italian brand Calligaris, with a ceramic top available in a variety of colors to suit your tastes. With its contemporary style and black metal yoke, it perfectly respects the desire of many of us to bring a sense of back to nature.

Indeed, since the pandemic, almost half of the world's population has had to be confined for a long period of time, that is 3.4 billion people. This has caused many of us to rethink our interiors and our lifestyles!

And what could be more soothing than a space where you feel out of place but still at home, with furniture and decoration that relaxes you?

glass table black base and dark chairs

Another natural material that to the coast this year, but still remains throughout the ages, a noble material and present in many houses: the wood. Whether it is solid, raw, stained, worked in creative forms, it remains a must this year, and we appreciate it with a modern and natural touch.

The proof with the coffee table Magic, simple, functional and with pure colors, it is the ideal element for any room where you want to spend some good time alone or with others.

At Casavogue, discover a large selection of furniture , Whatever style you want to bring home. We have the furniture you need.

And you, what is your favorite furniture style?

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