Classic chic interior: The Villa Cherie collection

It’s time to bring back a classic look! Traditional chic is not old-fashioned. It produces a classic and romantic atmosphere in your home. Without forgetting a contemporary touch. The light and natural tones highlight the smooth quality of the fabrics and the delicacy of the lines. Without forgetting the floral themes that bring warmth to the space. It’s a timeless look! As long as you understand the principles! Classic style can be applied to any interior. Beautiful textures, noble materials, and antique furniture mixed with modern things. Casavogue explains the chic classic style. We also present our Villa Cherie Collection.

Bed Villa Chérie


Wood mouldings and parquet

The classical style is influenced by historical ornamental traditions. However, it incorporates more modern elements. This, modern materials can be used with classic furniture. You can also mix with Gustavian furniture. We can use very noble materials for the walls and the floor. This means moldings and beautiful herringbone parquet. It is possible to associate them with contemporary furniture. The heart of the classic style lies in the use of noble materials. But that’s not all! The use of ancient processes and in the game of textures. The goal is to create an authentic environment in which one feels happy. The decor is elegant and neat, without being too picky. That’s why we love the beautiful oak parquet and old moldings.

Chic furniture with elaborate finishes

Dining room Villa Chérie

To emphasize the classic chic character of the decoration, use ornate furniture. Classically styled furniture features molded, carved and gilded finishes. We experiment with nuances, like a subtle patina. Opt for a silver handle and a beautiful mirror. We also love beautiful materials like wood and marble. As well as beautiful ornamental pieces like vases and silverware carved from precious metals. The classic chic style is elegant without being over the top, and it can be worn without frills. You need to find the right balance with one or two incredible pieces of furniture. The color palette used to create a classic home stays in dark and light tones. From white to gray to beige and taupe. The goal is to stick to natural colors that complement the materials. The colors should not draw attention to themselves. Instead, they should highlight the delicate lines and velvety quality of the materials. Brighter additions, such as a pretty floral pattern is recommended. You can also use some colorful accessories. They can bring the colors to life.

Fabrics for a chic classic interior

Villa Chérie armchair

Textiles play an essential role in classic chic decoration. The materials are noble, rich and smooth. Accessorize your living room with thick velvet curtains. You can also use a stylish plaid on your imperial chair. Why not a sparkling carpet to revive the sobriety of a saloon? We love classic materials like velvet. We appreciate the colors in brown and grey tones. The classic chic style emphasizes comfort thanks to the use of some elements. The trick is to select the right pieces. The ones that have a strong identity and immediately create a unique ambiance in the space. That's the case with a huge velvet-covered sofa in a bright - yet understated - color like an exquisite midnight blue. It's a cozy place to curl up. If you choose a bright color, you should pair it with neutral decor. A beige rug, a minimalist coffee table and a little wall decor. And, as always, we rely on striking materials and textures. Fleece, wood floors, moldings, wood.

How do you define a “classy” interior?

Often, the classic chic style often comes close to the standards of the baroque style. This is reminiscent of the interiors of the great Haussmann mansions. It is about highlighting furniture, such as sofas and armchairs. As we can see in large mansions or castles of the 18th century. Classical style furniture is designed with high quality woods. With attractive curved lines and finely carved decorations. One of the recurring themes of classic chic furniture is comfort.

Chic, like class, is not something concrete and easily defined. Therefore, chic decoration is more of an environment than a certain style. So, with the right tips, any style can become chic. Some decorating styles are more well-known than others, such as classic chic. However, even the most sophisticated designs, such as industrial or vintage style, can be incredibly elegant. The challenge is to understand what nuances transform the look of a space. And that without changing the style! What we are interested in though is classic chic. Very trendy at the moment. We have already mentioned the principles before.

Villa Cherie Collection

Complete room Villa Chérie

The collection «Villa Cherie » is made by the famous brand Michael Amini. In this collection, various luxurious furniture are offered. Living room, bedroom or dining room. A very classic chic and upscale look. Solid wood and beige tones are featured in this collection. A real elegance is invited in your interior. Velvet, bold trim are highlighted by the designer. The atmosphere of your home will change instantly.

Immediately discover this Villa Cherie collection. Visit our online furniture store Casavogue. Quality products that will not fail to seduce you. A perfect collection if you are looking for a chic classic style.

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