Celebrate Quebec Day with CasaVogue: Exceptional Quebec furniture for your home

The Fête du Québec is fast approaching, and at Casavogue, we are ready to celebrate with our customers! On this special occasion, we would like to introduce you to the Quebec brands that make our furniture store famous. JLM, JAYMAR and DINEC, iconic brands, reflect Quebec excellence and know-how. In this article, we invite you to discover how these unique brands can illuminate your home during this festive time.

JLM: Revisited Quebec Elegance

the JLM brand

JLM is a Quebec brand renowned for its contemporary design and exceptional craftsmanship. Each JLM cabinet is the perfect combination of refined style and practical functionality.

Luxurious sofas for absolute comfort

Imagine yourself in a JLM sofa wrapped in absolute comfort after a long day’s work. JLM sofas combine clean lines, superior materials and exceptional attention to detail. Whether you are looking for a leather or fabric sofa, JLM offers a wide range to suit all tastes and requirements.

Elegant tables to enhance your space

JLM tables are true works of art. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your dining room or living room. Crafted with care, these tables combine contemporary design and robustness. Whether you want a coffee table for your living room or a dining table for your family meals, JLM has what you need.

To view the JLM collection, click here.

JAYMAR: Comfort and style together

The Jaymar brand

JAYMAR is a Quebec brand known for its reclining chairs and superior sofas. Their commitment to comfort and design translates into innovative and aesthetically pleasing creations.

Reclining chairs for absolute relaxation

There’s nothing like a JAYMAR recliner to relax after a long day. These armchairs offer exceptional comfort thanks to their soft padding and their advanced tilt mechanisms. You can easily adjust the position of your chair to find the ideal angle of relaxation. Be seduced by the incomparable quality and comfort of JAYMAR reclining chairs.

Practical and stylish sofas

If you need extra space for guests, JAYMAR sofas are the perfect solution. These sofas combine style and functionality, transform

easily into a comfortable bed for your guests. The JAYMAR sofa beds are designed with special attention to detail and are available in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your décor.

To view the JAYMAR collection, click here.

DINEC: The art of receiving in Quebec

The Dinec brand

DINEC is a Quebec brand specialized in dining room furniture. Their elegant ensembles are designed to create warm and friendly gathering spaces where you can proudly receive your loved ones.

Dining tables for memorable meals

DINEC dining tables are the focal point of your meals with family and friends. Made from noble wood and with meticulous attention to detail, these tables are both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Whether it is a large table for large family meetings or a more intimate table for one-on-one dinners, DINEC offers options for all needs.

Matching chairs and buffets for perfect harmony

To complement your dining set, DINEC also offers a range of matching chairs and buffets. The chairs are designed to provide optimal comfort during your meals, while adding a touch of elegance to your space. The buffets, on the other hand, provide convenient storage space while being decorative elements in their own right.

To view the DINEC collection, click here.

Brighten your home with Casavogue

At Casavogue, we are proud to promote the local industry and highlight these exceptional Quebec brands. Each piece of furniture we offer is carefully selected to bring comfort, aesthetics and quality to your home.

By choosing JLM, JAYMAR and DINEC furniture, you support local craftsmanship while adding a touch of authenticity to your living space. These Quebec brands reflect our identity and pride.

Visit our website www.casavogue.ca to discover the complete collection of Quebec furniture. Be inspired by the elegance, comfort and quality of these iconic brands.

On Quebec Day, let’s celebrate our Quebec heritage and know-how together. Illuminate your interior with Casavogue and bring your living spaces to life with furniture that tells a story, your story.

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