Winter decorating trends: Create a warm cocoon

Winter is the perfect season to transform your home into a warm and cozy refuge, and Casavogue knows it. And to mark the occasion, we're unveiling this winter's 2023 decorating trends, featuring elements that bring warmth, comfort and a cocooning ambience to your home. Discover the interior design trends for this winter season.

Natural tones and materials

Penthouse Dining Room Set

Warm, natural tones are in the spotlight this winter. Opt for colors such as terracotta, chocolate brown, mustard yellow and beige, as in the sofa Lisbon sofa by Michael Amini, and burgundy for your walls, textiles and accessories. These hues evoke warmth and conviviality, creating a comforting atmosphere in your space.

The use of natural materials is a timeless trend that gains momentum in winter. Wooden furniture such as the Penthouse wool rugs, linen cushions and hand-crafted ceramic objects add an organic touch to your decor. These materials create a connection with nature and add rich texture to your interior.

Indoor plants

Even in winter, houseplants continue to be a must-have decorating element. Opt for hardy plants like cactus, pothos or rubber, which bring a touch of greenery and life to your space.

Houseplants are also good for air quality, an important consideration given that we spend much more time in our homes in winter.

Cozy textures

Lisbon sofa

To create a warm, cozy environment, opt for soft, plush textures, as with Max Divani's Bonbon sofa, in a warm terracotta color.

Faux fur rugs, wool plaids, velvet cushions and knit fabrics add a touch of comfort to your decor. Don't hesitate to layer these textures for an even more pronounced cocooning effect.

Ambient lighting

Lighting plays an essential role in winter, and particularly in our inner well-being. Choose dimmable lights to create a warm ambience.

Scented candles, such as Casavogue's Ambre model, and string lights are also excellent choices for brightening up your home on long winter evenings.

Minimalist Christmas decorations

If you want to prolong the festive spirit after Christmas, opt for minimalist Christmas decorations. Natural wood ornaments, simple door wreaths and garlands of foliage add a subtle festive touch to your decor without cluttering the space.

Warm works of art

Coralie canvas

Art can also play a central role in your winter decor. Opt for works of art that evoke wintry landscapes, fireplace scenes, or abstract paintings in warm tones like the canvas Coralie by Charles David. Personalized artwork can add an authentic touch to your space.

Our conclusion on winter trends

Winter 2023 decorating trends emphasize warmth, comfort and connection with nature. By incorporating these elements into your interior design, you can create a warm cocoon where you'll enjoy taking refuge during the cold winter months.

Mix and match these trends to create a space that reflects your personality.

At Casavogue, our design experts accompany you in each of your interior design projects, adapting to your tastes, desires and habits.

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