Spring 2024 decorating trends: colors, materials and styles to adopt

Spring is the perfect time to bring new energy to your interior with different colors, materials and furnishings. Whether you're planning a complete renovation or simply updating your décor, this season is all about daring and decorating your home in your own image. Casavogue explains it all in this new article.

Vibrant, invigorating colors

Sectionnel Nobel

Spring is synonymous with renewal and vitality, and this is reflected in this season's colors. To inject freshness into your decor, opt for mustard yellow as with the Asso leather armchair, khaki green paired with the Hollywood sofa, or coral and azure blue.

These vibrant colors will spice up your decor and warm up the room in a minimalist way.

Natural, sustainable materials

Natural materials continue to dominate decorating trends for spring 2024, with a particular focus on sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Wood, rattan, bamboo and linen are popular choices for furniture and accessories, adding a warm, organic touch to any space.

Such is the case with the Nelson bedroom, lightweight and designed entirely in solid walnut wood by eco-responsible brand Huppé. Opt for handcrafted pieces made from recycled materials for eco-responsible decorating.

The maximalist style

Causeuse Moro

In recent years, minimalist decor has been THE decorating trend. Clean lines, bright colors... This year, we're turning the tables. Maximalism, a major trend in the 90s, is making a comeback.

Colorful fabric sofas like theNobel, pop paintings like those by Renwil or a vintage blue living room set like the Moro.

We dare to mix styles, large pieces and mismatched accessories. One watchword to remember: More is better.

Floral motifs and botanical inspirations

Floral patterns and botanical inspirations are must-haves for bringing a touch of spring freshness to your home decor.

Opt for flower-printed fabrics, floral wallpapers and nature-inspired decorative accessories such as the Maybury lamp with its driftwood base, or dried flower vases, foliage-patterned cushions and botanical pictures to create a refreshingly floral ambience.

Pastel colors

52eme anniversaire casavogue

Soft, soothing pastel colors are perfect for creating a serene, relaxing ambience in your home.

Opt for shades of powder pink, light blue, water green and lavender to make your interior fresh and bright. These delicate shades are ideal for bringing a touch of softness and tranquility to any room.

Make way for spring, the season of renewal, cheerfulness and color. Dare to create a style that makes you happy, whether it's maximalist or minimalist, vintage or modern. An interior that makes you feel good is, above all, an interior that reflects who you are. At Casavogue, you'll find a selection of furniture and decorative accessories to get you ready for spring, as well as numerous discounts for our 52nd anniversary.

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