What accessories for the living room?

Maybury wood and cotton lamp by Charles David

The living room is the best place to relax and spend time with people. It should not only be functional. Choose the right furniture for this living space. This way, you can drink your coffee while watching TV quietly. But also read your newspaper in comfort or receive people at home.

Here, we suggest you find out what are the essential accessories you must have in your living room in Montreal. As furniture experts, we share with you some clever ideas.

The sofa or armchair

This is the most important element of the show. Think about what you will do with it the most: read, have fun or watch TV? Depending on the space you have, you can choose a corner sofa. Or a large sofa or a small sofa to place between two bookcases. If you have many guests, put a 3-seater sofa and armchairs together.

The coffee table

This makes the living room much more welcoming. You can have a drink with friends, draw with your kids, or even eat there if you don't have enough space. Allow about 40 centimeters of space around the table to move around. You can choose from materials like plywood, glass, wood, wicker and wrought iron. Add ottomans and floor cushions. You will make the room even more warm and welcoming.


White marble lamp and lampshade in white linen

This brings a pleasant atmosphere to the living room with nice lamps. A single light is often insufficient or, on the contrary, too important. It is therefore better to have more than one light source at different heights. Use candles to make the atmosphere even more intimate.

Storage units

They give shape to the room and help you feel less overwhelmed by all the things in the living room.
Choose a library, shelf or sideboard. You can store books, CDs, DVDs, crockery or stereo elements. You can use industrial furniture or a locker usually used otherwise. This can be fun and unique. You can customize your living room.

Decorate the end of the sofa

You can add items to the end of the sofa to improve the look of the living room. Don't let magazines and remotes pile up there. We make room for vases or candle holders. In short, you can decorate the end of the sofa with decorative elements. A small table at the end of the sofa is also very practical to put the remote control or decorations.

Striking canvas design and eye-catching textures

The decorative benches for an elegant decoration

Decorative benches come in different shapes and sizes. They will add style to your living room. They are usually made of real leather. They add style and design to any room. Moreover, they will save you a lot of space.

You can move your leather benches to another room if you change your mind about keeping them in the living room. They are also suitable for a bedroom, a dining room and an entrance hall. This elegant piece of decoration goes well with the industrial style.

Its structure gives it an air of factory, which is one of the characteristics of the industrial style. It gives a lot of character to the room. Industrial style calls for decorations made of raw materials. Its structures are not perfect.
This style also gives space to the living room. It lets it breathe because its colors are neutral and modern.

The storage shelf

You can always put a small storage shelf in your living room. No matter what style you want to have. But it doesn't have to be just a shelf. If you can, choose something of quality like wood. Yes, custom wood storage shelves last a long time. Apart from the material, the location of the shelf also plays an important role in its usefulness. In fact, this piece of furniture will enhance your living room. You can place your most important decorations and the ones you like the most on it.

Contemporary canvas rabbit in costume

Cushions and rugs

Cushions add style to even the simplest sofa or chair because they are both useful and pretty. They add a splash of color to a neutral, beige or gray seat to keep up with the latest decorating trends. Whether it's blue, ochre or terracotta, the colors fit the current style and even the time of year. Similarly, rugs add color and warmth to even the most elegant rooms. They fill the space between the chairs and the coffee table in an elegant way. They can be round in a small living room or big and bold in a large one. Combined with other decorative elements, they add style to your living room.

Vases and candle holders

Abstract canvas with monochrome colors and golden textures

Vases and candle holders can be placed on shelves, side tables or coffee tables in the living room. When you choose colors that go together, they beautify the room and give it style. Whether traditional or modern, they are still important accessories. You can put rugs, vases and candle holders in many other rooms. The large flower vase always looks elegant on the dining room table. As long as its colors and style match the rest of Decoration of the room.

Other accessories are also possible whether it is paintings, hand painted canvas or pictures. A simple accessory can be a sensational decorative element.

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