What sofa with a cat?

Which sofa to buy if you have a cat? We've all witnessed our adorable little kitten congratulating herself for destroying our sofa with her claws. Or seeing the amount of hair he left on our favorite piece of furniture. So, when you have a cat, the issue of sofa maintenance becomes critical. However, it is advisable to consider this issue before buying your sofa. Some sofas may be able to alleviate this source of stress and anxiety.

Why does the cat claw on the sofa?

Although it seems that our four-legged friend knows how to irritate us, he doesn't claw on the sofa for that reason. It's mostly his way of getting to know the new couch. He deposits his scent by scratching himself, thanks to the pheromone glands in his paw pads. The smell is imperceptible to our sense of smell, but it is perfectly identifiable by other felines.

Your cat likes to rest on the couch

If your cat is more relaxed and comfortable lying on your couch. Not to mention his claws. Maintenance then becomes the most important consideration in your decision. For example, natural fibers can be troublesome in the long run. They show symptoms of wear and tear more quickly than other materials. That's why our leather sofas can make it easier for you. This loveseat upholstery is particularly resistant to dust and stains and is easy to clean. With these things in mind, allow us to introduce you to this beautiful, simple and comfortable Leonardo loveseat.

causeuse Léonardo en cuir ou tissus

Your cat tends to destroy your sofa

As any cat owner knows, changing your cat's behavior is difficult. Your cat is independent and arrogant, and will do whatever it wants regardless of your furniture. The color of your leather can help you "hide" the after-effects of your feline. With this in mind, we recommend that you discover the Boe sofa. Especially, the possible traces of claws will be less visible with this color. Moreover, its resistant leather will allow you to maintain it easily.

Sofa inclinable Boe cuir 100% Italien

Why is a cat harmful to a sofa?

Cats and sofas don't usually get along. Your sectional sofa may suffer from scratches, hair and stains.


It's common knowledge that cats scratch various things, including textiles. So if your cat decides to lie down on your couch in Montreal, expect some scratching. A major problem, especially if you have a new sectional sofa.

Nice de la marque Colibri canape sectionnel


Cats, like dogs, shed a lot. As a result, it is not uncommon to see hair all over the fabric or upholstery of your loveseat. It is therefore recommended that you choose an upholstery where hair will not cling.


Cats are generally cleaner than dogs. They still like to spend time outdoors and may come home with dirt or dust on their paws. Invest in a treated fabric to prevent them from destroying your sofa material and enjoy a sofa that is completely dirt-resistant.

What are the requirements for choosing a cat-friendly sofa?

Faced with the risks of the cat for your sofa, discover how to choose your model.

Your pet's actions

Analyze your four-legged friend's behavior before you start looking for the perfect sofa. For example, if you've taught him not to climb on your current old fabric sofa, you don't have to worry about the new one.

The material used to cover the sofa

When looking for the best sofa for your cat, look for the most appropriate covering. It is essential that it has various features:

  • It does not absorb odors.
  • It does not accumulate hair.
  • It does not attract your cat's claws.

A leather sofa would be a wonderful choice, but its sensitivity makes it an obvious target for your cat's claws. Cotton and wool are also susceptible to hair and claw cling. To resist your favorite feline's attack, use simili, woven microfiber, denim and polyester. These materials are durable and easy to maintain.

The color of the sofa

Avoid light colored sofas to hide stains and scratches. Black, charcoal gray and brown sofas are more discreet, and a snag or dirt will be less obvious.

The design of the sofa

Pay special attention to the type of sofa you choose. Cats, for example, like to play, scratch and cling to the armrests. So it's a good idea to have no armrests on your sofa. There are also sofas with removable covers. In case of stains, simply remove the cover and put it in the washing machine, a very convenient option.

Canapé sectionnel Eliot confortable

The selection of accessories

Finally, in addition to the sofa, carefully choose accessories for your living space. If you want to protect your couch from your cat, you may want to consider buying a blanket. It will be safe for him to rest on it. A cat tree in your living room can also help prevent your cat from being tempted to play on the couch.

How can I make my couch last longer around cats?

Finally, here are some tips to help you extend the life of your couch in a house full of cats:

  • Choose a sofa with removable covers. You'll be able to easily maintain them or change them for a new one.
  • Choose a fabric that is resistant to cat abrasion and scratching, and one that is easily washable.
  • Catch the hair with a roller.
  • Choose a stain-resistant fabric.


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